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Islam Not Russia Represents the True Challenge to Western Hegemony

Obama: “Unlike the Soviet Union, Russia leads no bloc of nations, no global ideology.” President Barack Obama cast the international community’s efforts to support Ukraine amid Russian intervention as just the latest challenge testing the democratic ideals that link the […]

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Recep Tayyip Erdogan

The Myths of the “Turkish Model”

The Muslim world stands at a critical juncture brought about by its ability to overcome natural and psychological barriers of ‘fear’ created by the Authoritarian and robust regimes


Brief Islamic History of Crimea in Pictures

Muslims have lived in Crimea for centuries and have, since the decline of the Khilafah, been systematically mistreated. In 1941 Joseph Stalin forcibly deported almost all the Muslims

Muslims have a long history in the Crimea, the Ozbek Han Mosque was built in 1314 was built by Inci Hatun, daughter of Kilburun Bey, in 1332. Only the ruins of the madrasah remain today.

Islamic inheritance law in the dock

  • The usual Islamaphobic suspects in the British press have attacked Law Society guidance for drafting 'sharia-compliant' wills.
  • They argue it’s yet another example of sharia law creeping into British


A Response to the Huffington Post article, “Why Gay Marriage May Not Be Contrary To Islam”

There is a big push for Muslims to accept homosexual relationships as normal, even as “Islamic’. Various articles have been written including one recent article in the Huffington

A man arrives for Friday prayers at the central Mosque in Birmingham

Stand as Ambassadors for Islam – Challenging the attack on Islamic values

In the last few months, Muslims in Britain have witnessed an unprecedented rise in attacks on Islam. Whether it is Muslim family outings; separate seating for men and women


Capitalist Myths: Don’t feed the Poor

Gates’ Foundation Annual Letter - 3 myths that block progress for the poor The annual letter from the Gate's foundation, set-up by the software-billionaire turned philanthropist Bill Gates, made


Halal meat on the chopping block again!

Once again the question of Halal ,and by implication, Kosher meat is on the agenda after an intervention from Britain’s top vet this week. "I don't think an


New Survey on Violence Against Women in Europe Proves Yet Again the Redundancy of Gender Equality Laws in Ensuring Women’s Safety

A new survey by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA), published on Wednesday 5th March revealed that one third of women in the European Union have

Boris Johnson

“Boris’ Baby Snatchers”

Boris to take away Muslim Children for “thought abuse”. Boris Johnson is considered by some to be a clever and talented politician, hiding behind the façade of a bumbling