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Ailing Saudi Regime Desperately Arrests Women and Children for its Throne

Sunday 10 February 2013, CNN and other news agencies reported that Saudi authorities arrested tens of women and five children after a protest occurred in Riyadh and Buraida. The women were demanding the release of relatives held as political prisoners […]

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It is the Capitalist Liberal System that Bears Primary Guilt for Fuelling Violence Against Women

On February 14th,  the movement ‘V-Day’ has sponsored an event entitled, “One Billion Rising” that is a call to one billion women worldwide to rise up and demand

Burgers in production

The horse meat scandal: An age old tradition of deceit in trade

The Islamic economic legislation makes God consciousness integral to seeking economic gains. The recent scandal involving the contamination of burgers and other meat products with horse DNA has even


‘Gay Marriage’: Muslim MPs will never secure the values of Islam and the Muslim community

On 5th February 2013, the House of Commons voted - by 400 votes to 175 - to legalise Gay Marriage in Britain. ‘Muslim MPs’ – such as Sadiq


Match Fixing in football reflects corruption in wider society

Capitalism emphasises the material value over morality producing individuals who are willing to cheat, lie and break the law for personal or economic gain It is becoming increasingly


Gay marriage debate: Muslims need to question the fundamental values of society

Over the past few years and months there has been increased debate within the UK about the position of homosexuality in Britain. This initially surrounded attempts to pass


How should we view the Mali conflict?

Most people in the UK trying to figure out what is happening in Mali are almost entirely dependent on mainstream media outlets. But they all carry the same

Child protection

Paradox: Child Policing is the Result of Freedom

We invite parents to consider an alternative set of values in which there is no ambiguity between the values that children grow up with and the rules which


Prince Harry’s Interview: shameless war propaganda

This week the British media veered between hoisting Prince Harry as a poster-boy for a failed war - and criticising him for some of his remarks. Very few condemned


The Politics of Evolution

In the UK there has been an agenda by the British government to secularise the Muslim community and make them accept the values of Secularism and Democracy. Recently there