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Moazzam Begg: A Politically Motivated Detention

This morning Moazzam Begg, the Director of the campaign group CAGE, was detained by counter-terrorism police in connection with visits to Syria, with media using terms such as “visiting terrorist training camps”. Moazzam Begg has travelled across the Middle East […]

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The Financial Crisis in America

News agencies reported that the U.S. House of Representatives approved on 11/2/2014 CE to raise the U.S. debt ceiling until 15 March 2015. America witnesses today an unenviable economic


An Open Letter to Richard Littlejohn

[Response to Richard Littlejohn’s Jolly Jihadi Boy's Outing to Legoland Daily Mail 18/02/14] Dear Mr Littlejohn, Peace be upon those who tread the path of guidance. Thomas Jefferson may have


The campaign of extermination of Muslims in CAR

The Muslims are facing another calamity and evil in the Central African Republic (CAR) as militia groups and security forces have joined hands to rid the land of


Muslims from Britain Fight in Syria: UK Politics of Hypocrisy

As British police continue to search the house of Abdul Waheed Majeed in Crawley the jury is already out. The British born Muslim is alleged to have participated


Capitalism, not religion is the root of most wars

Tony Blair, former UK prime minister who deliberately instigated the invasion of Iraq on false claims resulting in over 100,000 deaths, attempted to shift the blame away from


Capitalism: of the rich, by the rich and only for the rich

The release of Oxfam’s report on global inequality: ‘working for the few,’ reveals a number of damming indictments upon capitalism and the developed world. Some of its


Taming the Beast

In part one of this two part series looking at whether capitalism can be reformed the conclusion was no amount of reform can change acts which are

Secretary Of State John Kerry Holds Meetings With World Political Leaders During UN General Assembly In New York

SNC announces its separation from the Syrian people and Dedicates its Loyalty to America by accepting Geneva II

As expected, the miserable National Coalition headed by Al-Jarba, submitted to external pressures especially America and Russia to attend the meeting of its General Assembly in Istanbul on


The Geneva II Peace for Syria Conference will not lead to Peace for the Syrian People

Since the rebelling Syrian people cried “It is for Allah, it is for Allah”, “Our leader till the end of time is Sayyidina Muhammad” over two years ago,