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The beating of the drums of war against Syria

News: The Al-Jazeerah correspondent in Lebanon said that more than 10 thousand Syrians had crossed over the border into Lebanon in the past 24 hours as a result of the anticipated attack upon Syria. This is whilst Jordanian officials have […]

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Q&A: Syria Update

Why after two years of conflict is intervention only now being considered?

Despite all the rhetoric by the US and the West, none of them have ever


White House Statements regarding Arrest of Muhammad Badie’!

Tuesday evening, the White House expressed its objections to the arrest operation by the hands of the Egyptian authorities of the general guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, Muhammad


David Miranda’s detention: Britain the police state, just ask the Muslims


Egypt Massacre: Time to uproot the U.S. backed system

On the 14th August 2013 Egypt’s US-backed military regime started the process of bringing to an end the protests and sit-ins in support of Mohammad Morsi at various


Daniel Pelka: Islam roots out the causes of child neglect

In Islam parents assume a very serious responsibility over the care of their children, as it is intrinsically linked to their success in the Afterlife. The murder of four


Western Governments Exploit Malala’s Story for Colonial Political Interests

Western Governments have Exploited the Malala Story and her Struggle for Girls’ Education for Colonial Political Interests

It is the Khilafah that will Return a First


Condoning Egypt’s coup highlights Western Hypocrisy

Following western models of governance has resulted in failure and support for the undemocratic removal an elected government has demonstrated Western hypocrisy The military coup against the Muslim Brotherhood


Egypt Coup: We must make the case for Islam

Taji Mustafa argues that instead of just blaming those Muslims supporting President Morsi's removal, Islamic activists have to convince them of the case for implementing the Islamic Khilafah


Problem with gradualism: Egypts military coup highlights the problem with this methodology

Until the overthrow of President Morsi in Egypt this week, many supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood’s (MB)  approach would point at the great successes of the Muslim Brotherhood