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Sexual Abuse is the Natural Product of a Sexualised Society Driven by Liberal Values

Islam Regulates the Sexual Instinct to Ensure a Safe Society for Children and Women This week, Stuart Hazell was convicted of the appalling crime of sexually assaulting and then killing his partner’s 12 year old granddaughter Tia Sharp. Over the […]

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Britain’s unprincipled, unconventional war

The west is waging an unconventional war deploying stealth weapons, extra ordinary rendition and secret prisons The recent announcement by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) that British drones


Exposing school children to pornography “is to play with fire”

The fundamental values in society need to be determined by a permanent sense of right and wrong Britain’s Telegraph newspaper has reported that the Sex Education Forum (SEF), a


Dying to be Beautiful

Over the last week, a number of stories related to the beauty industry have hit the headlines, including the publishing of a book entitled “The Vogue Factor” by


Crisis Britain

Mark Carney, the incoming Bank of England Governor, has described the UK as a “crisis economy” When the incoming governor of the Bank of England alludes to the


Boston Bombings: are Islam and Muslims to blame?

On Monday the 15th April 2013, the city of Boston, Massachusetts, was rocked by


While Thatcherism is Dead, Capitalism Lives On

The question is not whether she was a good or bad person but whether capitalism works "If you set out to be liked, you would be prepared to compromise


Support the Call for Islam in Syria | Taji Mustafa

Taji Mustafa addresses latest developments in Syria as the UK, US and other Western governments (and their clients) step up efforts to try to subvert the Syrian uprising


More British aid to Pakistan will do little but prop up another failing recipient regime

Pakistan’s economic issues will not be resolved by simply collecting income tax more efficiently; rather it needs to address poverty and deprivation by a root and branch change


French President Hollande Seeks to Outdo Sarkozy in Excluding Muslim Women from French Society

Not content with arresting and imposing fines on Muslim women wearing niqab as well as expulsion of modestly dressed Muslim girls and women from schools and government jobs;