Saturday 05 September 2015

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Support the Call for Islam in Syria | Taji Mustafa

Taji Mustafa addresses latest developments in Syria as the UK, US and other Western governments (and their clients) step up efforts to try to subvert the Syrian uprising through supporting the SNC, targeting those calling for Islam on the ground […]

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More British aid to Pakistan will do little but prop up another failing recipient regime

Pakistan’s economic issues will not be resolved by simply collecting income tax more efficiently; rather it needs to address poverty and deprivation by a root and branch change


French President Hollande Seeks to Outdo Sarkozy in Excluding Muslim Women from French Society

Not content with arresting and imposing fines on Muslim women wearing niqab as well as expulsion of modestly dressed Muslim girls and women from schools and government jobs;


Cyprus: One Crisis abates and another arises

The Cyprus banks are due to open on Thursday (28th March). But the  agreement includes the unprecedented (for the EU) provision for strict capital controls (restrictions on the


Hizb ut-Tahrir Syria on the killing of Sheikh Buti

And thus Sheikh Buti, the Regime’s supporter met his end in his Masjid And the Regime is not distant from this crime, so people of insight should pay attention On


Is this the end of banking as we know it? – The Cyprus factor

For those with bank accounts in Cyprus, this past week was problematic. In an unprecedented move within the Eurozone, Cyprus announced plans to impose a levy on all


10 myths about the war in Iraq

A decade ago in March 2003, 300,000 foreign troops, led by the US began the invasion of Iraq. A decade on the occupation still remains. Whilst many lies

budget box

A good steady course for the UK Zombie Economy

Wednesday 20th of March was budget day for the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer. Not that it is different for the public in any meaningful way. The evening

female parliment

Increasing Female Representation in Parliaments and Governments Does not Translate into Improved Lives for Ordinary Women

A few days ago I attended a debate in London entitled, “Do Women Need Feminism”. One of the panellists – a leader of a UK political party –


Are Muslims inherently violent?

Liberals are unable to accede that people have knowingly and willingly rejected secularism; and not only that, but rejected it for Islam Continuous news streaming of bombings in Muslim