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Anti-rape protests

India the “World’s Largest Democratic country” Fails Its Women

On Friday 28th December 2012, the 23 year old Indian medical student who was the victim of a brutal assault and gang raped by six men on a bus in Delhi on the 16th of December 2012 died from her […]

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Interfaith Initiatives seeking to further secularise Islam

In a new initiative outlined in December 2012, an interfaith organisation called the Christian Muslim Forum claims to have gathered together 'senior' Muslim Imams and Christian ministers to recognise the rise

US fiscal cliff

Fiscal cliff – the Lemmings await

The deficit spending binge can only lead to severe currency devaluation, conflict over ever more scarce resources or both Reuters report that efforts to bring the Republicans and


Re-defining marriage?

With British society ever more liberal and irreligious, legalising same-sex marriage was expected The political furore over UK Government plans to allow same-sex marriage betrays realities on the ground


Egypt political crisis: Let them Slaughter this Sacred Cow

On Thursday, 22/11/2012 President Mohamed Morsi issued a constitutional declaration that included the re-trial of those who killed rebels (of the revolution), the looking after the casualties


Q&A: Egypt in Crisis

What has caused the latest crisis? Muhammed Morsi, Egyptian president since June 2012 issued a presidential decree on 22 November that limited the powers of the judiciary as the


Why is there little dawah to non-Muslims in the West?

A few days ago, on a Wednesday, I was contacted by a family friend who is a convert to Islam. They wanted me to meet their friend


The Autumn Statement 2012: Punishing the poor for the excesses of the rich

In strained economic circumstances, welfare benefits are being withdrawn with increasing frequency

The excesses of the financial sector triggered the financial crisis in 2008. Over four


Palestine non-member observer status – a cause of celebration?

Unable to secure full membership Abbas petitioned the UN for non-member observer state status On the 65th Anniversary of the UN declaration that led to the creation of the


Leveson Report: Can its recommendation work?

“The press provides an essential check on all aspects of public life. That is why any failure within the media affects all of us. At the