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The Politics of Evolution

In the UK there has been an agenda by the British government to secularise the Muslim community and make them accept the values of Secularism and Democracy. Recently there have been many articles, debates and discussion on the subject of […]

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Snow looks beautiful – but for some in capitalist Britain it can be deadly!

This is one in a series of  ‘Open Letters’ addressing non-Muslim neighbours, colleagues, family and others in Britain. Please forward it to anyone who you think might


Sexual oppression the world over

We have just witnessed the outrage that has swept across India about the brutal sexual attack on an innocent medical student on an Indian bus. We witnessed the


Syrian Children in Refugee Camp Face Harsh Winter, Abandoned by Jordan’s Government

Women and Children in Jordan’s Syrian Refugee Camp having been Abandoned by the Jordanian Government, Battle for Survival under Severe Weather Conditions

Jordan is currently experiencing some


Half of world food output is wasted while half the world’s population is malnourished

It is the excesses of the capitalist system together with failed government agricultural policies mixed with a wasteful and spendthrift society that has created this nasty cocktail Half of


Provocation from Charlie Hebdo

The fact that this comic is about the most beloved to Islam and the Muslims is not a coincidence The French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has just published a comic


US gun massacres: An open letter to the American people

US politicians all agree that the mass murder of American children is wrong yet the same consensus is not accorded to the hundreds of innocent Muslims killed by

Anti-rape protests

India the “World’s Largest Democratic country” Fails Its Women

On Friday 28th December 2012, the 23 year old Indian medical student who was the victim of a brutal assault and gang raped by six men


Interfaith Initiatives seeking to further secularise Islam

In a new initiative outlined in December 2012, an interfaith organisation called the Christian Muslim Forum claims to have gathered together 'senior' Muslim Imams and Christian ministers to recognise the rise

US fiscal cliff

Fiscal cliff – the Lemmings await

The deficit spending binge can only lead to severe currency devaluation, conflict over ever more scarce resources or both Reuters report that efforts to bring the Republicans and