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Video: Racism – its causes and cures

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Western foreign policy delivers humiliation for the Muslim world in life and death

For all the sound bites about supporting the Arab Spring western powers maintain strong ties with tyrants in the Muslim world. In the week when the barbarity of the


Crunch time for Capitalism

Like communism before it, capitalism has failed and no amount of tinkering will repair a flawed system As many saw in the New Year it was the same time


Hizb ut Tahrir Egypt Spokesman explains Khilafah on TV: January 2012

Sheikh Muhammad Abdul Qawwiy, Hizb ut Tahrir Egypt gives a glimpse into the now open presence of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Eygpt following Mubarak's removal. He studied Shariah at


PTIs political alliances shows little real change is possible under Imran Khan

Working within a system Khan claimed he wanted to change is changing him instead Principles, political awareness and perseverance without succumbing to enticing (yet compromising) alliances are essentials in


TV: US & UK Drone attacks- Taji Mustafa & Others

Can Muslim countries prevent use of these new


Convictions for Stephen Lawrence’s racist murder changes little for UK’s black teenagers

Eighteen years is a long time to wait for anything. It is especially hard when you are awaiting justice for the murder of your teenage son. This is what


Hizb ut-Tahrir: Arab league Observers in Syria – Deaf, dumb and blind

Demonstrations were held yesterday on the day of Jumu'ah 30/12/2001 under the banner of : 'The Jumu'ah of advancing towards the plains of freedom' and in the middle

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The Hype of Erdogan’s Heroism and His Claim of Secularism’s Compatibility with Islam

The evidence of the thirst in the Muslim world for a sincere Islamic leadership can be understood by the fact that even a little gesture of concern regarding


2011 in review

Arab uprisings, euro zone crisis ... and a look