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Should Muslims be grateful for Tom Holland’s ‘story’ about Islamic history?’

I did not catch Tom Holland’s Channel 4 programme called ‘Islam: The untold story’, but it was hard to miss the positive and negative comments about it after it was broadcast. I was aware that Mr Holland’s book earlier book […]

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Church stands up to gay marriage, but conceded the intellectual battle centuries ago

The ruling Scottish administration lead by Alex Salmond recently announced plans to pass legislation which would legalise 'same-sex' marriage, and could see Scotland's first gay marriage ceremony by


Letter from a HTB reader: Attacked for my Hijab

I have often imagined ‘how I would respond’ if my honour was attacked.  I envisaged many different ways by which I may react to such a humiliating scenario.


Pragmatism will only lead Egypt to failure

Mohamed Morsi was sworn in as the president of Egypt on the Saturday 30th June 2012. This was a unique moment in the recent history of Egypt for


Saudi Arabia: Weapons but no will

The release of the latest US congressional review has shown the global arms market continues to grow and that US arms sales have more than doubled from the


Rohingya Massacre: Charity and dua alone?

Amazing scenes of goodness Maybe it was because we were in the middle of the blessed month of Ramadhan where our feelings of brotherhood are heightened. The heartbreaking YouTube


Syria: The End Game

After 18 months of fighting the al-Assad regime, the end game, by Allah’s grace in now in sight. The whole Ummah has watched with astonishment at not


Emergency Picket Against The Oppression of Rohingya Muslims in Burma, 2pm, Sat 11th August


The Oppression of Rohingya Muslims in Burma

The Muslim is the brother of his fellow Muslim. He does not oppress him, nor does he abandon him… (Sahih Muslim)

  • The tragic oppression of Rohingya Muslims in Burma


Should the Khilafah Top the Olympics Medals Table?

“Their achievements in this life may be impressive, but it is their dedication to the truth that raises their rank among people.” The London Olympics Motto is to “inspire