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The Slow but Sure Death of the US Dollar

On September 13th the Chairman of the US Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke announced the latest round of QE (Quantitative Easing) but with a dangerous twist. Unlike previous rounds in 2009 and 2010 although large in scale included limits, this time […]

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Morsi… 100 days as Egyptian President and no signs of Islam

Mohammed Morsi spent his 100th day as president of Egypt in the United States of America at the United Nations General Assembly. Mohammed Morsi was sworn in as


Democracy… One man, one more broken promise

“The signs of the hypocrite are three: when he speaks he lies, when he promises he breaks his promise and when he is entrusted he betrays the trust.”


Free speech & Muslim reaction to film – Taji Mustafa interview with John Humphrys (BBC Radio 4)


Letter to Imams & Community Leaders from Hizb ut-Tahrir on insults to the Prophet (SAW)

Dr Abdul Wahid                                                                                     4 Dhu al-Qi'dah 1433 Chairman of UK Executive Committee                                                 20 September 2012 Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain,uk [email protected] Dear Respected Brothers – Imams, Khateebs, Community Leaders and


An Open Letter to Non-Muslims regarding the Anti-Islam Film and Cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

It is a centuries-old Islamic tradition to engage in debate, tolerate criticism and hear the critiques of others. But insults against Islam, such as those in the recent


Muslim response to insults of Prophet Muhammad | Khutbah, Taji Mustafa

Taji Mustafa delivers khutbah outlining how Muslims should respond to the latest movie insult on the beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) Friday 14th September 2012, Sydney,


Response to video insults against Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) by Dr. Abdul Wahid

Dr Abdul Wahid's address as part of a global campaign calling on all people, Muslim and non-Muslim, to join together to condemn these insults wherever they are made, expose


Insult on the Messenger of Allah {sallallahu alaihi wasallam}

It is time for the Muslim Ummah to comprehensively reject the uncivilised Western values and establish a State that will defend Islam. Once again Muslims have seen a cheap, filthy,


Apple vs Samsung: victory for one, but everyone loses?

Whilst this row over intellectual property rights has been well publicised, the wider implications on this destructive system is rarely examined. Jamal Harwood details how the true losers