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The Autumn Statement 2012: Punishing the poor for the excesses of the rich

In strained economic circumstances, welfare benefits are being withdrawn with increasing frequency The excesses of the financial sector triggered the financial crisis in 2008. Over four years later, Britain, as with much of the western world, is deep in stagnation […]

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Palestine non-member observer status – a cause of celebration?

Unable to secure full membership Abbas petitioned the UN for non-member observer state status On the 65th Anniversary of the UN declaration that led to the creation of the


Leveson Report: Can its recommendation work?

“The press provides an essential check on all aspects of public life. That is why any failure within the media affects all of us. At the


Myths of Israeli Invincibility

Israel’s indiscriminate attacks on Gaza have once again raised the issue of Israel’s legitimacy. Muslim rulers decided not to break from the past and have once again undertaken


War for Peace, or a plea for real change?

The Zionist experiment in ruling over Palestine has been a summary failure They say you need war before you can have peace. The same holds true for Palestine, sadly


Who will protect children in the West?

Children's Commissioner report shows abuse is not necessarily specific to any ethnic group An interim report by  the Office of the Children's Commissioner for England showed that at least


The Crisis in Gaza

This is one in a series of  ‘Open Letters’ addressing non-Muslim neighbours, colleagues, family and others in Britain. Please pass it on to anyone who you


Our response to the onslaught on Gaza


Q&A: Israeli attack on Gaza November 2012

What has led to the current violence? Israel assassinated Hamas’ top military leader, Ahmad al-Jaabari, in Gaza on Wednesday 14 November 2012. Al-Jaabari was reportedly the head of Izz


Statement on Israel’s latest murderous assault on Gaza

On Wednesday 14thNovember 2012, Israeli forces assassinated Ahmed Al-Jabari, his young son and several other Palestinians in Gaza. The bombing of Gaza continues today and the toll of