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Local elections: How much will they cost you?

We need political activism, but not to achieve a few councillors or MPs who simply join the corrupt and ineffective political system that’s already failed us all. The local and mayoral elections in May will pass by without the intense […]

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The Balkanization of Pakistan: Is Baluchistan the next to cede?

Recently, some senior American politicians have initiated efforts to support the separation of Baluchistan from Pakistan. Californian Republican, Dana Rohrabacher is leading the campaign for Pakistan’s dismemberment, and


Where should young people look for moral guidance?

[youtube][/youtube] Non UK Vistors: If you have problems viewing the video above click here to

Protesters use their shoes to hit defaced poster of Syria's President Al-Assad during demonstration in front of Syrian embassy in Ankara

Q&A: Understanding the politics of the ongoing Syrian uprising

Since the Arab Spring began in January 2011 countries across the Muslim world have experienced uprisings unlike anything that has been seen before, and Syria is no exception.


Video / Open Letter to David Cameron regarding his recent speech in Indonesia

[youtube][/youtube] [Follow Dr Abdul Wahid on Twitter @AbdulWahidHT ] Dear Mr Cameron, Your speech on Thursday 12th April 2012 in Indonesia was arguably one of the most dishonest and


The UK not only complicit in rendition and torture but proud of it

Libyan Case Study: Duplicity of Britain's foreign policy could not be more flagrant. In a letter from a senior MI6 officer, Mark Allen, to Col Gaddafi's intelligence chief, Musa


British justice is not in the dock, it’s on the gallows

Whatever the final outcome, Babar Ahmad's case is a humiliating indictment of British 'justice' The lead news in the UK has been the interview with our brother Babar Ahmad


Democracy is the best political system money can buy

... and the ‘Cash-for Cameron’ Scandal is just the latest proof [youtube][/youtube] 

In common parlance the word used for trying to influence people’s actions by means of financial


Massacre in Afghanistan- video response from Taji Mustafa

Taji Mustafa gives his response to the events in Kandahar, explaining how this yet again highlights the need for strong, sincere leadership in the Muslim


Kandahar Massacre: US war machine shows its true colours

In what has become a recurrent occurrence since the west launched its occupation of the Muslim lands after 9/11, Sunday 11 March 2012, saw a US Army staff