Saturday 20 September 2014

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Afghanistan Occupation: a lost decade

After a decade of war the US appears to be drowning in the graveyard of empires [monoslideshow id=51]

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Awlaki Death: America – Judge, Jury and Executioner

Whilst many symbols come to mind after a decade of the war on terror, of late America’s use of predator drones has come to symbolise its decade long


Hizb ut-Tahrir Egypt: Generals protecting old system and fearing Islam may reach power

American Chief of Staff Mike Mullen: “In every conversation with my Egyptian counterparts, they always reassert - without my asking - that they want to retain the


Preventing ourselves from speaking out: Muslims in danger of self-censorship

Last week I attended a seminar about the latest manifestation of Prevent, the British government’s counter-extremism strategy. I have addressed this issue many times before, including in this


Granting Saudi women voting rights is meaningless under absolute monarchy that politically disempowers entire nation

On Sunday 25th September, King Abdullah, monarch and leader of Saudi Arabia announced his decision to grant the country’s women the right to vote and to stand as


Ten truths about western debt

The west’s economic model of fuelling growth through ever higher levels of debt is proving unsustainable With the EU drowning in debt, the US having struggled to raise

University Tension

‘Irvine 11′ case: America convicts Muslim students for criticising Israel

As I came out of a meeting, I checked my phone and saw a message that the Muslim students (popularly referred to as the ‘Irvine 11’) had been


UNICEF Report Highlights the Corrosive Impact of Capitalism’s Ideals on UK’s Children

London, UK, September 21st 2011 - UNICEF’s recent report which documents the lives of children in the UK warned that British parents are trapping their children in a


Capitalism is Depressing European Women

A recent study of 30 European countries including Britain, published by the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology found that depression amongst women in Europe has doubled over the last


Financial crisis 2.0

The Vickers’ banking report is another fix to the broken capitalist system Three years after the great financial crisis of a half century and with western economies fast