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Gaddafi and Western Military Intervention

If anyone is to blame for the current crisis in Libya it is Muammar Gaddafi and the criminals and puppets that call themselves ‘rulers’ in the Arab world. By launching an assault upon the Muslims in Libya, Gaddafi plunged lower […]

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Assad Ruthlessly Murders Mothers And Daughters Of Syria To Protect His Throne

On Saturday 7th May, security forces of the Assad regime opened fire on an all-female demonstration on the main highway from Merqeb, a village on the outskirts of


Egypt’s Copts need the Caliphate

Islam is the solution to rising tensions between Muslims and the Coptic Christians of Egypt In recent days world attention has focused on Egypt’s Coptic Christians after clashes and


How much did Pakistan’s Government Know About the Abbotabad Operation?

A debate has been raging about to what extent the Pakistan government and armed forces were aware of the assassination mission of US Navy SEALS in Abbotabad. Some have

TM obl debate

TV: Osama bin Laden’s legacy and the Muslim world -Taji Mustafa & others

Taji Mustafa, Professor Paul Rogers (Bradford Uni) and Catherine Heseltine debate. May 5th


Demonising Pakistan – The Result of Obama’s speech

When US President Obama told the world that US special forces had killed Osama Bin Ladin in Abbotabad, Pakistan, it provoked a storm of media commentary. He claimed


Traitor rulers mount a suicide attack against Pakistan’s sovereignty

Traitor rulers mount a suicide attack against Pakistan's sovereignty

Traitor rulers hand over Pakistan to America so that Obama can be re-elected and Pakistan can


Hizb ut-Tahrir’s Jordan demonstration supporting Syrian uprising 27 Apr 11

Demonstration outside Syrian embassy in Jordan

[youtube][/youtube] Jordan radical Islamists (Hizb ut-Tahrir) demonstrate in support of Syrian protests [M & C] Amman - Hundreds of


WikiLeaks Guantanamo files: “Collateral damage” in the West’s war for Freedom and Democracy

New secret documents expose the bitter fruits of US military intervention Press reports that WikiLeaks is about to disclose US files on Guantanamo detainees exposing abductions, false imprisonment, abuse

Libya Protests

Q&A: The On-Going Libya Crisis

The invasion of Libya has now passed its first month and is fast moving towards a stalemate. Why has the Western coalition been unable to remove Gaddafi? There are