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Reject disgusting values that America & Britain are trying to establish in Muslim world

Over the last few weeks we were sickened to see US troops taking lives in Afghanistan, and to add insult to injury, urinating upon those they had killed. In another story two British soldiers were arrested on allegations of engaging […]

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Arab Spring: Islam or Democracy

One year on from the beginning of the 'Arab Spring' uprisings western media continues to portray these events as being motivated by a desire amongst the people for


The Arab Spring and the red lines of Islamic governance

As political Islam emerges from the ruins of dictators, what are Islam’s non-negotiable ‘red lines’ of governance. If 2011 was the year of uprising, excitement and radical change in


Ahl udh-Dhimma and the Right of Guardianship in the Islamic State

Discussion of the Coptic Christians has become prominent from the mouths of secularists lately in Egypt, as the implementation of the Sharee’ah has become the subject all of


TV: Dr Nazreen debates ‘Family values in Britain’


Hizb ut-Tahrir Syria: O Muslims, stay firm, this regime is on the brink of a pit of fire

Following the fourth speech of Bashaar... O Muslims of Syria: Stay firm upon the Haqq because verily this regime is on the brink of a pit of fire On Tuesday


Video: Racism – its causes and cures


Western foreign policy delivers humiliation for the Muslim world in life and death

For all the sound bites about supporting the Arab Spring western powers maintain strong ties with tyrants in the Muslim world. In the week when the barbarity of the


Crunch time for Capitalism

Like communism before it, capitalism has failed and no amount of tinkering will repair a flawed system As many saw in the New Year it was the same time


Hizb ut Tahrir Egypt Spokesman explains Khilafah on TV: January 2012

Sheikh Muhammad Abdul Qawwiy, Hizb ut Tahrir Egypt gives a glimpse into the now open presence of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Eygpt following Mubarak's removal. He studied Shariah at