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Dr Abdul Wahid writes to the Educational and Healthcare establishment over the CTS bill

In mid-December 2014, Dr Abdul Wahid, Chair of the UK-Executive Committee of Hizb ut-Tahrir wrote a series of letters to educational and health care establishment raising awareness of the government’s latest Counter Terrorism and Security Bill This is the text […]

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Muslim Community Writes to the House of Lords Over the New CTS Bill

"Over the past few weeks, Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain has been working alongside a number of Muslim organisations to expose the British government's agenda behind the proposed Counter Terrorism


Hizb ut-Tahrir writes to UK Mosques following government’s attempt to pressurise Imams

Dr Abdul Wahid, Chairman of the Executive Committee of Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain, will be writing to Imams and mosques across the UK this week. This follows the intimidatory


Cameron’s the one with the problem, not Muslims!

Yesterday, 19/1/2015, the UK Government wrote a letter to Muslim leaders demanding they do more to counter 'extremism' and that Mosques and other institutions should push "British values". As

Jewish Community In Stamford Hill

The Claim of the rise of antisemitism in the UK: Stirring one community against another

Ahmad Abu Hayyan Sunday 18th January 2015 was an astonishing day of contradiction and hypocrisy, the British Home Secretary speaking at a service in London to remember those killed


Response to the BBC’s Panorama Programme “The Battle For British Islam”

The tedious and historical Western ambition to reform Islam was exhibited once again on BBC’s Panorama show yesterday evening. It discarded Muslim concerns as being derived from a


List of 20 World Leaders Hypocritical Stance on “Free Speech”

The theatrical politicisation of the Charlie Hebdo protests brought together world leaders who flaunt themselves as defenders of "free speech" and journalism. The euphoria created by the global


Open Letter to Stephen Fry – Must We Mock?

Dear Stephen ‘You MUST mock’, you say. Why? Why must we, any of us, mock? Why must we seek the sole value of purposefully offending another’s belief, way of

Have you apologised yet?

Muhammad Jilani Or better still have you condemned? Never mind what you are condemning, just condemn away because you are Muslim and you are to blame. This


Charlie Hebdo attack & insults on Prophet Muhammad

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