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2011 in review

Arab uprisings, euro zone crisis … and a look ahead.

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Army – PPP clash: US all set to change its old agent with a new one!

As expected, with the start of the negotiation phase of the Af-Pak campaign, the US is now all set to change her agent in Pakistan. The writing is


Consumerism in Christmas: a stark reminder of how Capitalism got into crisis

Even a great Christmas shopping period will not help global economies that are to all intents and purposes on the verge of meltdown America was gripped with scenes of


What will you be doing this Christmas & new year weekends?


US withdrawal more ceremonial than real

US control of Iraq will not end with the withdrawal of combat troops America formally ended its eight-and-a-half year military occupation in Iraq on the 15th December 2011 with

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The ‘Milestones’ Trial: A step closer to an ‘Authorised’ version of Islam?

A further attempt towards imposing what is an ‘authorised’ Islam and what is unacceptable Islam For some years political figures have


Major bank report fails to identify root causes to the financial crisis

Report into collapse of RBS stays well within the comfort zone of criticism and thus fails to identify failings of capitalism On Monday 12th December, the FSA - one


SCAF’s Advisory Council attempts to establish secular order in Egypt


A divided western world

The Eurozone crisis shows divisions run deep among western allies Last week, at the height of the Eurozone crisis, Britain used its veto to scupper German and French attempts


Hizb ut-Tahrir: Colonialist Invaders are set to launch sectarian crises in Afghanistan

On Tuesday, 6th Dec, when a large number of people were busy in Abul Fazl shrine, commemorating 10th of Muhram (Ashura), a bloody bomb blast killed about 58