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Muslims show dignity as the society around them crumbles

Muslims have shown Islamic character is their response to the riots Widely vilified in the media, regularly castigated by politicians, their homes raided and their youth frequently stopped & searched by the police the Muslims in Britain have a lot […]

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Honestly identifying the root causes of the social malaise in society

Shallow assessments of the causes of the riots is the best that can be expected from politicians After the countrywide riots that stunned but probably did not surprise and


VIDEO: Hizb ut-Tahrir’s message to Muslims regarding UK riots

Taji Mustafa  on how Muslims should


The rioters and bankers have a lot in common

Though apparently worlds apart the driving motivations of the rioters and bankers are more similar than we care to acknowledge. To

Shooting in Tottenham Hale

The London riots highlight the failure of Capitalism to instill social dignity

2011 will be remembered as the year of the peoples protests, with millions coming to the streets of cities across the Middle East calling for the corrupt governments

A double decker bus burns as riot police

London riots uncover the cracks in broken Britain…

The deliberate focus of community cohesion policies on Muslims has deflected from the underlying breakdown in society It is a worrying time for Londoners, who have seen a riot


VIDEO: TV debate on Syria unrest with Osman Backhach (Hizb ut Tahrir) and others

Syrian govt supporter: “There is no revolution in Syria. These are


Mubarak’s show trial is a smokescreen to placate the desire of Muslim for real change

The spectacle of Mubarak in a cage, while statisfying, should not distract the call for real change   Seeing the pictures of Mubarak behind a cage


The US debt-ceiling debate exposes America’s ‘Sick Man’ status

Printing dollars to repay dollar-debt is unsustainable The term ‘sick man’ was coined to describe the declining situation of the Ottomans by Tsar Nicholas I of Russia in


Crisis in Somalia

The Horn of Africa is reportedly experiencing its worst drought for decades. Earlier this month, Antonio Guterres, the head of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR),