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Rohingya Massacre: Charity and dua alone?

Amazing scenes of goodness Maybe it was because we were in the middle of the blessed month of Ramadhan where our feelings of brotherhood are heightened. The heartbreaking YouTube videos and the news report of crying and pleading Rohingya Muslims […]

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Syria: The End Game

After 18 months of fighting the al-Assad regime, the end game, by Allah’s grace in now in sight. The whole Ummah has watched with astonishment at not


Emergency Picket Against The Oppression of Rohingya Muslims in Burma, 2pm, Sat 11th August


The Oppression of Rohingya Muslims in Burma

The Muslim is the brother of his fellow Muslim. He does not oppress him, nor does he abandon him… (Sahih Muslim)

  • The tragic oppression of Rohingya Muslims in Burma


Should the Khilafah Top the Olympics Medals Table?

“Their achievements in this life may be impressive, but it is their dedication to the truth that raises their rank among people.” The London Olympics Motto is to “inspire


Myanmar’s Muslims are slaughtered as world remains silent and country’s criminal president calls for their expulsion

In the first days of the blessed month of Ramadan, and after six successive weeks of the genocide and ethnic cleansing of Muslims in Myanmar, including the systematic


LIBOR crisis – market manipulation, corruption and systemic failures within banking


Corrupt capitalism approaching endemic levels

The pervasive corruption in capitalism is fast approaching a scale where the lack of trust will eventually undermine the system itself Britain, if not indeed the western world, is


Bashar trying to show the world he is serious about reform, while pursuing his criminal policy

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Raheem

The new Syrian Government:

Bashar is trying to show the world that he is serious about reform, while still pursuing his criminal policy at

Muslim Brotherhood's president-elect Mohamed Morsy speaks during his first televised address to the nation in Cairo

The monumental challenges awaiting Dr Mohamed Morsi

The images of jubilant crowds in Tahrir Square following the election of Dr Mohamed Morsi are an understandable reaction; given that this the most open election in