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Pakistan Back to School

650 million reasons not to trust Britain’s policy in Pakistan

Cameron cuts education at home but gives £650m to Pakistan to indoctrinate the young with liberal western values On Tuesday 6 April 2011 David Cameron visited Pakistan, he came bearing gifts and seemingly a guilty conscious about the old British […]

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Gillani is using cricket like a political football

Pakistan requires Islamic political will to overcome India off the Cricket pitch Pakistan woke on Thursday to shattered dreams, broken hearts and lost hopes the night before the


10 reasons against western intervention in Libya

As the west begins to openly consider arming those opposing Gaddhafi western intervention in Libya is going deeper and further than initially envisaged by many. However, looking at


Ipad 2 and Nintendo 3DS: Changing definitions of necessity

As many experience high petrol prices, higher living costs and job loss, demand for iPads and Nintendos remains very high As over 250,000 demonstrated in London over the weekend


Video: Taji Mustafa’s message at Libya Conference in London

As 35 delegates including Muslim countries come to London to dictate the future of another Muslim country, we say no to Gadaffi the murderer, no to western intervention.


The unrest in Bahrain

With the current tension the people of Bahrain, like those across the Arab world, must be watchful of their demands for change and of their issues being manipulated


Video: Hizb ut-Tahrir’s rally for Khilafah in Amman, Jordan. 25 March 2011

Rally after Friday prayers at the University of Jordan [youtube][/youtube]   [nggallery


Video: Roaring chants for Khilafah in Jordanian mosque after Jumuah

Roaring chants for Khilafah in Jordanian mosque after


Budget 2011- glossing over the cracks

Budget fails to address fundamental flaws Osborne, Britain’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, delivered his second budget on 23 March 2011. While this one was planned, as opposed


An Open Letter to the British Political Establishment Opposing Colonial Intervention in Libya

While the catastrophic invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan hang heavy in the Muslim world, many people will be aghast that Britain has just embarked on its latest military