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How Muslims should respond to government’s Prevent strategy

Ustadh Kamal Abu Zahra on how Muslims should respond to the prevent strategy

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The Libya Contact Group: Colonial attempts to control a post-Gadhafi Libya

The Libya Contact Group met for the third time on Thursday 9th June 2011, the venue this time was the capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi. All the usual suspects were


VIDEO: Taji Mustafa on UK’s PREVENT program targeting Muslims

Demand that Muslims embrace ‘British values’ or


Racing returns to blood stained Bahrain

F1 bloodsport: West backs Bahrain’s ruling family by gifting them the Grand Prix The recent furore over the re-election of Sepp Blatter as the head of FIFA has shown the importance the world


PREVENT: Cameron admits defeat by forcing Muslims to convert to liberal values

London, UK, June 6th 2011 – Ahead of the launch of the government’s revised PREVENT strategy,  it has been widely reported that it will link violent


VIDEO: Taji Mustafa on UK training Saudi forces putting down protests

Hypocrisy of British foreign


The Deceptions in Obama’s Speech at the American State Department Reveal the Falsehood of American Policies

Last night, Obama gave a speech from the American State Department, aimed at the people of the Middle East, which he filled with numerous deceptions. Among these was


Obama calls for a ‘wolf-like’ Israel side-by-side with a ‘toothless’ Palestine

US President Barack Obama followed his major Middle East speech at the State Department in May 2011 with a speech to AIPAC - the US-Pro-Zionist lobby group. In the


Obama’s New Colonial Vision for the Middle East

US President Barack Obama’s speech on US policy towards the Middle East was trailed as a landmark speech. To most Muslims Obama’s speech will have seemed like the same


Gaddafi and Western Military Intervention

If anyone is to blame for the current crisis in Libya it is Muammar Gaddafi and the criminals and puppets that call themselves ‘rulers’ in the Arab world. By