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Bonus debate masks Banking scandal

The furor on bank bonuses: except hot-air no change The annual bankers bonus debate is again with us. Yesterday (11th Jan) Bob Diamond – chief executive of Barclays – was given a few gentle questions by the Treasury Select committee, […]

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Tunisia: Muslims ‘dying’ to find work

Inept and corrupt rulers deny Nagi and Mohammed a future So what made 24 year old Tunisian Nagi Felhi climb an electricity pylon and touch live cables sending 30,000

British converts

Why women convert to Islam

Cheap media and government insults fail to deter increasing numbers converting to Islam A recent report conducted by the University of Swansea and commissioned by the Faith Matters Forum,


The Division of Sudan: A Continuation of Sykes-Picot

The referendum on secession in southern Sudan on January 9th 2011 was monumental in nature and devastating in its consequences. It has set a dangerous precedent and constitutes a


Converting the regimes of the Muslim world

A recent report by an Inter-Faith think tank on the number of reverts to Islam in Britain showed a marked increase in the level of conversions from approximately


Sudan’s referendum: The latest colonial project

Foreign designs to divide Sudan lie behind the South’s referendum The referendum in Sudan which aims to separate the country will be the conclusion of a colonial project that


It is western culture that has encouraged the exploitation of women

Dignity and innocence are two things that are dear to every person, so when they are snatched away from someone they have far reaching affects on


Salman Taseer, blasphemy and the West’s apparent incredulity

Salman Taseer was a leading member of the ruling Pakistan People's Party (PPP). He was reportedly killed by one of his own guards because of his

Egypt Christians

Christians and Muslims in Egypt need the return of the Khilafah

Religious minorities are being targeted in the secular west and east, only Islam and Khilafah offer hope.


Interior minister of Pakistan attempting to recite Surah Al Ikhlas