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The sorry state of democracy

Democracy is failing so it’s ironic that Muslims feel the need to vote when the majority are disenfranchised and disillusioned The reactions to Jeremy Paxman’s Newsnight interview with Russell Brand, comedian and actor, have been as revealing about the state […]

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After kneeling to appease the US, the Syrian Coalition totally submits, bowing to the feet of Ford.

Finally, the Coalition announced its Bow to Ford all the way down to their Feet

Whereas their Bow before only slightly Exceeded the Limits of their Knees!



How Should Muslims Respond to the Attack on the Niqab? [Part 2]

Part 1 of this article discussed how Muslims should not argue against niqab bans or for the right to practice any part of our deen on the basis


Ken Clark’s niqab comments mask an anti-Islam agenda

Former Conservative cabinet minister Ken Clarke recently made his contribution to the ongoing niqab debate, which has been dominant throughout the media for over a month now, He


Surveilance State

Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one. Benjamin Franklin There has been a slow burning and ongoing furore this year since Edward


Why Muslims Should NOT Use “Personal Freedom” or “Human Rights” to Argue Against Niqab Ban [Part 1]

As the attack on the niqab by politicians and the media intensifies in Britain, Canada, and other Western secular states, Muslims have once again felt pressure to defend

Day 1: 9th World Islamic Economic Forum, Opening Ceremony & Leaders Panel

Carrot and stick – the Government’s approach towards the Muslim community

If the British Government is against Shariah in principle than the Sukuk should be as unacceptable as the niqab On the one hand the Government lauds sharia law,


Islam teaches how a society should care for its elderly

Islam addresses this problem from values, social norms, the role of the family and, ultimately, the role of the state. In October 2013, in a speech at the National


The energy market: Crony capitalism 2.0

Today, the privatised energy sector is causing consternation not too dissimilar to financial sector in 2008 During the banking crisis the great and good explained how the western world


Syria’s Islamic alliance

The last month has seen a flurry of key announcements by a number of Islamic groups in Syria. In Aleppo – thirteen major fighting factions including Jubhat an-Nusrah,