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Hajj Reflections

Kasim Javed gives his reflections on his recent Hajj. The lands of Makkah and Madinah are the most sacrosanct places on earth. The birth of Islam, the mission of the Prophet PBUH to establish Islam and the successive legacy of […]

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Refugees in Islamic History

Mazhar Khan In today's post Sykes-Picot Middle East, borders have not only become cages that divide Muslims on arbitrary lines, but fellow Muslims have become foreigners and undesirable to


Only Islam can fulfil the duty towards refugees

Waseem Abu Ilyas The mass movement of people across Europe has been described in the last week as the biggest refugee crisis to hit Europe since World War


The Insincere Orientalist Approach Towards the Dating of the Quran

Nadeem Dawud What’s the difference between a parasite and a career orientalist? Trick question - there isn’t one. Orientalist’s make a career of trying to disprove Islam, conversely they


70 Years on: Nuclear Weapons Endure

70 years ago this week the US ushered in the atomic age when it launched a nuclear attack against Japan in WW2. On August 6 1945 a US


The Discovery of the “Oldest Fragment of the Quran” and Questioning The White Mans Burden

Wasif Abu Yusuf Introduction For years, the two parchment leaves covered in an elegant early form of Arabic script were misbound with leaves of a similar Quran manuscript dating from

LONDON - MARCH 05:  Liberal Democrat MP for West Morland and Lonsdale, Tim Farron looks on whilst posing for media on March 5, 2008 in London, England. A number of Liberal Democrat Leaders are preparing to defy the order to abstain in the vote on whether there should be a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.  (Photo by Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images)

UK State Religion is Secular Liberalism Not Christianity!

Aqeel Bin Fadl From the very moment Tim Farron became the new Liberal Democrat leader on Thursday 16th July 2015, he has been at the forefront of receiving a


Should the Queen be Referred for Deradicalisation?

Nadeem Al Mahi A homemade family film showing Elizabeth II performing a Nazi salute has sparked a debate so quintessentially English that one is only allowed to engage in


Repeated rhetoric from Cameron’s failed ‘extremism’ policy

David Cameron has made yet another widely previewed speech about combating ‘extremism’ following a pledge for a full-blown UK offensive against ISIS targets in Syria and Iraq, saying


Decrypting the Chancellor’s 2015 Budget

Abu Fatih George Osborne has received heavy criticism over his recent 2015 budget. In the global epoch of financial recovery, the Chancellor of the Exchequer sought to put forward