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Muslims Must Not Accept Inferior Secular Liberal Values

Cameron calls for a ‘muscular’ campaign to enforce secular liberalism on Muslims in the UK: Muslims in Britain must hold onto Islam and resist attempts to assimilate into the creed of secular liberalism David Cameron took Education Secretary, Michael Gove’s, […]

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What we are witnessing is a liberal crusade to forcibly convert “unbelieving” Muslims

Liberalism and Gove’s call for ‘British values’, whatever these are, are now being forced upon non-believers. A plot to takeover schools, introduce faith into the classroom and enforce a


‘Trojan hoax’ School Row shows UK state is trying (and failing) to take Muslim kids away from the Deen of Islam

So Muslims must be Ambassadors for Islam and show society it is the better way to live For several weeks the news has been dominated by inquiries into schools


Secret Trials: The latest Sacred Cow to be Slaughtered

The announcement this week of Britain’s first secret trial, has led to an outcry from various section of the country. The trial to be held entirely in secret


Sergeant Bergdahl’s Release Underlines America’s Afghan Nightmare

In the last email of sergeant Bergdahl to his parents before being taken prisoner by the Taliban he wrote: “These people (Afghans) need help, yet what they get is


The rise of the far right – deflecting capitalisms failings

Generations of the Muslim community remember vividly the struggles against the far right; the encountering of gangs of bald headed neo-Nazi going ‘Paki-Bashing’ was far too common. As

Sir Michael Wilshaw at Park View school

The ‘Trojan Horse’ Plot And Exposing The Cracks of Liberal Secular Values

The article was originally written on the 30th April 2014 subsequently an ofsted report has been leaked that has labelled some schools as inadequate with a


What can Muslims in the West do to help the work for re-establishing the Khilafah?

The Muslim Ummah today is going through unspeakable trials and tribulations. All across the Muslim world there is suffering – from the vicious war in Syria, to the


“They wish that you would conciliate them, then they too would be conciliating.”

With the elections upon us, Muslims are suddenly finding themselves very popular with politicians soliciting their votes. Candidates and supporters have come to the door to ‘listen’ to


Rotten Compromise: Secularising Muslims Through Engagement in the UK Political Process

Albert Einstein is credited with the warning “Beware of rotten compromises.” A warning, Muslims calling for political participation should take seriously. The need for a serious discussion is long