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What can truly stop the massacres in Gaza?

The world continues to watch the horrific massacres in Gaza. The collusion of global powers with the murderous Zionist occupation and biased media coverage only increases feelings of helplessness for many. Muslims during this blessed month of Ramadhan have expressed […]

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The Gaza Cycle: Hasn’t All Of This Happened Before?

A Zionist criminal aggression against the Muslims and people of Gaza in which children, women and the elderly are not spared in an indiscriminate campaign of violence, which


Special Dua for the Muslims of Palestine

The below Dua has been produced to be recited for the oppressed Muslims of Palestine who are currently facing an onslaught by the Zionist entity. 


Infographic: The Ummah’s Military Capability


Letter to the Imams, Khateebs and Community Leaders on the Current Crisis in Gaza

Dear Respected Brothers – Imams, Khateebs, Community Leaders and Activists Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh On July 8th 2014, the Zionist ‘state’ launched its latest massacres on the Muslims


Gaza massacre: Open Letter to non-Muslim neighbours, colleagues, and others in Britain

Please pass it on to anyone who you think might find it useful or interesting. Dear Reader The media war regarding Gaza is as fierce as ever, with spokesman after


Gaza Is In Flames Whilst the Rulers in the Muslim World Look On!

Since the beginning of this Ramadan the Muslims of Gaza have been subjected to Israeli bombardment, night and day. The martyrs are in the dozens, whilst the wounded


Statement on the Zionist entity’s murderous campaign on Gaza

The people of Gaza once again face a relentless and murderous onslaught by the Zionist entity. Images emerge daily showing the true extent of death and destruction. The


Was Mehdi Fooled by the Neo Con Myth?

Response to Mehdi Hasan article, first appeared on 5pillarz

Dr Abdul Wahid from Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain says Mehdi Hasan’s recent article


Muslims Will Not Compromise on the Khilafah!

Recent events in Iraq have brought the subject of the Khilafah to the world’s attention. Media outlets, academics and commentators are falling over each other to claim expertise.