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What do we live for?

A recent report by the Prince’s Trust estimated that as many as ¾ of a million young people in the U.K. may feel that they have nothing to live for. It also documented that almost a third of those who […]

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Reforming the Beast

It has been a tumultuous few years for capitalism. The great recession brought the global economy to its knees and whist another great depression has been averted this


Exposing the right wing anti-Islam alliance

A handful of Islamaphobes peddling dodgy anti-Islam propaganda are dominating popular discourse against Islam and Muslims in the UK The initial guidance issued by Universities UK permitting voluntary segregation


Apartheid rooted in British colonialism

Given all the unconditional praise from the British establishment to the late Nelson Mandela one could be forgiven for not acknowledging the part Britain played in creating and

Boris lauds Britain’s colonial past and praises the underbelly of capitalism

The British Colonial Office may no longer exist but the colonial cravings run deep in the veins of the British ruling class. In a recent speech to


Liberal values are undermining society

How can the obvious link between an increasingly sexualised society and the rise in sexual assaults be ignored? On the same day as the Office of the Children's Commissioner


Q&A on the Niqab

1. The Niqab is a symbol of oppression? This is a commonly held opinion among liberals who see Niqab wearing women as an attack on freedom. In their view


The sorry state of democracy

Democracy is failing so it’s ironic that Muslims feel the need to vote when the majority are disenfranchised and disillusioned The reactions to Jeremy Paxman’s Newsnight interview with


After kneeling to appease the US, the Syrian Coalition totally submits, bowing to the feet of Ford.

Finally, the Coalition announced its Bow to Ford all the way down to their Feet

Whereas their Bow before only slightly Exceeded the Limits of their Knees!



How Should Muslims Respond to the Attack on the Niqab? [Part 2]

Part 1 of this article discussed how Muslims should not argue against niqab bans or for the right to practice any part of our deen on the basis