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Capitalism, not religion is the root of most wars

Tony Blair, former UK prime minister who deliberately instigated the invasion of Iraq on false claims resulting in over 100,000 deaths, attempted to shift the blame away from Western colonial slaughter to the age old myth that religion is the […]

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Capitalism: of the rich, by the rich and only for the rich

The release of Oxfam’s report on global inequality: ‘working for the few,’ reveals a number of damming indictments upon capitalism and the developed world. Some of its


Taming the Beast

In part one of this two part series looking at whether capitalism can be reformed the conclusion was no amount of reform can change acts which are

Secretary Of State John Kerry Holds Meetings With World Political Leaders During UN General Assembly In New York

SNC announces its separation from the Syrian people and Dedicates its Loyalty to America by accepting Geneva II

As expected, the miserable National Coalition headed by Al-Jarba, submitted to external pressures especially America and Russia to attend the meeting of its General Assembly in Istanbul on


The Geneva II Peace for Syria Conference will not lead to Peace for the Syrian People

Since the rebelling Syrian people cried “It is for Allah, it is for Allah”, “Our leader till the end of time is Sayyidina Muhammad” over two years ago,


What do we live for?

A recent report by the Prince’s Trust estimated that as many as ¾ of a million young people in the U.K. may feel that they have nothing to


Reforming the Beast

It has been a tumultuous few years for capitalism. The great recession brought the global economy to its knees and whist another great depression has been averted this


Exposing the right wing anti-Islam alliance

A handful of Islamaphobes peddling dodgy anti-Islam propaganda are dominating popular discourse against Islam and Muslims in the UK The initial guidance issued by Universities UK permitting voluntary segregation


Apartheid rooted in British colonialism

Given all the unconditional praise from the British establishment to the late Nelson Mandela one could be forgiven for not acknowledging the part Britain played in creating and

Boris lauds Britain’s colonial past and praises the underbelly of capitalism

The British Colonial Office may no longer exist but the colonial cravings run deep in the veins of the British ruling class. In a recent speech to