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Why Muslims Should NOT Use “Personal Freedom” or “Human Rights” to Argue Against Niqab Ban [Part 1]

As the attack on the niqab by politicians and the media intensifies in Britain, Canada, and other Western secular states, Muslims have once again felt pressure to defend yet another of their Islamic practices and to argue against its ban. […]

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Day 1: 9th World Islamic Economic Forum, Opening Ceremony & Leaders Panel

Carrot and stick – the Government’s approach towards the Muslim community

If the British Government is against Shariah in principle than the Sukuk should be as unacceptable as the niqab On the one hand the Government lauds sharia law,


Islam teaches how a society should care for its elderly

Islam addresses this problem from values, social norms, the role of the family and, ultimately, the role of the state. In October 2013, in a speech at the National


The energy market: Crony capitalism 2.0

Today, the privatised energy sector is causing consternation not too dissimilar to financial sector in 2008 During the banking crisis the great and good explained how the western world


Syria’s Islamic alliance

The last month has seen a flurry of key announcements by a number of Islamic groups in Syria. In Aleppo – thirteen major fighting factions including Jubhat an-Nusrah,


The 5 Biggest Myths on the Syrian uprising

1.     The crisis in Syria is a civil war with sectarian differences the central problem?

The uprising in Syria took place in the context of the Arab spring,


Over a Thousand Women March to Condemn Massacres in Syria and Support their Struggle for Islamic Rule

Hizb ut-Tahrir organised a Women’s march in London in support of the women and children of Syria, on Sunday 22nd September 2013 that was attended by over 1200


The American Foreign Policy Game in Syria

US President Obama stated that the United States, after the chemical attack in the suburbs of Damascus, has an obligation to act ‘as a leader in the world.’


Shohana Khan’s letter to Sarah Wollaston MP regarding her article on a veil ban

Dear Ms Wollaston, I write in response to your comment in the Telegraph newspaper dated 15th September 2013, entitled, "Veil debate should be a wake-up call for feminism". You make some


Should Muslims support Western intervention in Syria?

The international drama being played out over Western intervention in Syria is a farce. The West, with its disasters in Afghanistan and Iraq, wants military strikes and