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Hundreds attend the first in a series of Khilafah Conferences in West London

Hundreds of Muslims gathered in West London in the first of a series of national Khilafah Conferences organised by Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain discussing the solutions to the current turmoil which envelops the Muslim world. A number of speakers detailed how […]

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Letter to Community Leaders Regarding the National Series of Khilafah Conferences

Letter to Community Leaders Regarding the National Series of Khilafah Conferences [PDF]

  Dear Brother in Islam Asalaamu alaikum wa Rahmatulallahi wa Barakatuhu I pray that you are in

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A Series of National Conferences on KHILAFAH


Unified condemnation by community leaders of the inaction of Muslim rulers to the Gaza massacre

The Prophet (saw) said “There’s still khair (goodness) in my Ummah till the Day of Judgement” With the continuing disaster in Gaza seeming like a situation without an immediate


Gaza Demonstation at Egyptian embassy exposes inaction from Muslim Rulers

Sunday 20th July, London: Hizb ut Tahrir Britain held a demonstration outside the Egyptian Embassy in London as the Zionist Entity intensified its ground offensive into Gaza, slaughtering


National Demonstration: Gaza on Fire – Call for the Liberation of Palestine

Event: Stand as ambassadors for Islam, London


Challenging the attacks on Islam

In the last few months, Muslims in Britain have witnessed an unprecedented rise in attacks on Islam. Islamic values are now openly criticised. Whether responding to oppression in


Event : Challenging the attacks on Islam


Muslims Criminalised for Caring for Muslims in Syria

It is three years since the peaceful yet powerful call against the regime of Bashar al-Assad was met with a violent and merciless response from the regime. Now,