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Waziristan Sacrificed for American Interests

America’s occupation of Afghanistan exacts a heavy price for the people of Waziristan as Pakistan’s rulers continue to act as US mercenaries with little thought for much else. Waziristan: America’s Pakistani Blood Price Slaughter in Waziristan As the shenanigans in […]

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The neglect of Ebola and the Virus of Capitalism

The outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in west Africa that has killed over 10,000 people so far has only become an issue of concern since reports of


PALESTINE: Two State Solution is No Solution

The passing of a motion by British MPs, with 274 votes in favour to 12 against has caused a wave of excitement amongst some Muslim and pro-Palestinian supporters.


Theresa May Speech: A fight against IS or a fight against Islam?

Less than 8 months away from the general election, political campaigning has begun, this time in a renewed “war on terror” climate. The UK’s terror threat level has


The Farewell Hajj and Return to the West

There is an unfortunate reality for the Muslim Ummah, especially in the West, where many return from the momentus journey of the Hajj and performing its rites, only

The hands of a Muslim pilgrim are seen as he prays on Mount Mercy on the plains of Arafat

The Day of Arafat: Forgiveness & Leadership

When we imagine the millions of white specks scattered around the vast mountainous landscapes of Arafat we seek Allah’s (ﷻ) forgiveness thinking of the renewal of ourselves as

Moazzam Begg court case

Moazzam Begg’s detention exposes government’s political expediency

London, UK, October 1st 2014 – After six months of detention, Moazzam Begg was released today after the British government dropped all charges against him related to travelling to Syria. Regarding


Theresa May proposes powers that would make Beijing and Moscow proud

"I want to see new civil powers to target extremists who stay within the law..." British Home Secretary Theresa May addressed the Conservative Party conference proposing powers to ban


Muslim response to UK airstrikes and ISIS

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Statement regarding UK military action in Iraq 2014

London, UK, September 26th 2014 – The UK parliament has today voted to join US led air strikes in Iraq. In light of this