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Dr Abdul Wahid to address LSE Law Public Event ‘How Free is Free Speech?’

As a result of recent legislation, public authorities everywhere are now required to be on guard against the dangers of ‘extremism’ and to report ‘extremists’ to the authorities where they come across them in the course of their work – […]

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Hizb ut-Tahrir responds to Police claim that a father is a “risk” after sharing Hizb ut-Tahrir’s article

A Muslim father from Derby who made an application to adopt a child has been flagged up by Derbyshire Police as a possible “risk” to children because he

Cameron, Miliband, Farage and Clegg

The Futility of British Elections

Kasim Javed With the British Parliamentary election on 7th May 2015, Muslims are once again discussing whether they should vote and, if so, who for. Some who claim we


Apathy wins by a landslide

“If voting changed anything, they’d abolish it” – Ken Livingstone[1] At the heart of western democracy is the concept of consent, indeed this is what gives any government its


Dr Abdul Wahid: When much of Britain has Voter Apathy, why then are some Muslims so bothered?

The 2015 UK elections are nearly upon us yet trust in the political system appears to be at an all time low. Many people, from high-profile celebrities to


Our Vision, Our Values – Muslim’s Priority in Britain


CTS Act and the Elections 2015

By Aqeel Bin Fadl

The CTS Act will be enforced into statutory legislation before the elections in May. The fact that all MPs backed the issuing of


Elections 2015 – Message to the Muslim Community: Neither Assimilate nor Isolate, Rather Interact with the Society According to Islamic Values

The 2015 UK elections are upon us. For Muslims, the climate in 2015 is very different to previous elections. Throughout 2014, the British


Taji Mustafa: Theresa May brands Muslim Community ‘Extremist’

Theresa May today used the Muslim Community as an election football by branding their core beliefs and values 'extremist' to appeal to right-wing voters. Separate seating for men and


Hizb ut-Tahrir seminar exposes Prevent agenda and urges Muslims to defiantly hold on to Islamic values

15-March-2015 - Today in East London, Hizb ut-Tahrir addressed hundreds of Muslims including Imams, teachers, solicitors, community activists and parents at an event titled; 'Challenging counter-extremism policy'. Addressing