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The Farewell Hajj and Return to the West

There is an unfortunate reality for the Muslim Ummah, especially in the West, where many return from the momentus journey of the Hajj and performing its rites, only to return to the same un-Islamic characteristics that they left behind. Since […]

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The hands of a Muslim pilgrim are seen as he prays on Mount Mercy on the plains of Arafat

The Day of Arafat: Forgiveness & Leadership

When we imagine the millions of white specks scattered around the vast mountainous landscapes of Arafat we seek Allah’s (ﷻ) forgiveness thinking of the renewal of ourselves as


Q&A: The Banner and Flag of Islam used by the Khulafa’ al-Rashidun

Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatahu, Have the Khulafa' al-Rashidun reportedly raised the banner (Rayat al-Uqab) and the flag (Al-Liwa') of Islam? Is this stated in the sources?


Pragmatic Moon Sighting

The signs of decline are today apparent in the pragmatic approach to deriving rulings for actions that Muslims are due to undertake. Often it appears as a collation


The Obligatory Conditions for a Khilafah

In recent weeks politicians and world media have been discussing the potential establishment of a new Caliphate (Khilafah) in Iraq linking this to the "Sunni insurgency" currently taking


All that agrees with Islaam and does not oppose Islaam all represent rulings of Kufr and they are not from the Ahkaam of Islaam

O Muslims: All that agrees with Islaam and does not oppose Islaam all represent rulings of Kufr and they are not from the Ahkaam of Islaam By way of


In Pursuit of Happiness

“There is a paradox at the heart of our lives. Most people want more income and strive for it. Yet as Western societies have got richer, their people


How Dare They Even Suggest That Political Islam Has Failed

Today more than ever the discussion about Islam’s role in politics has increased dramatically. We have witnessed a Muslim Brotherhood president in Egypt, who was overthrown by the


Does the ‘Big Bang breakthrough’ Challenge Belief in God?

On March 17th, researchers announced the potential discovery of a long-predicted twist in light from the big bang that represents the first image of ripples in the universe


Concepts from Uloom al Quran (Sciences of the Qur’an)

Meaning of the word ‘Qur’an.’ The most popular opinion regarding the linguistic meaning of the word ‘Qur’an’ and that held by at-Tabari is that the word ‘Qur’an’ is derived