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Arab Spring: Islam or Democracy

One year on from the beginning of the ‘Arab Spring’ uprisings western media continues to portray these events as being motivated by a desire amongst the people for a western-style democratic rule, but are these claims borne out by the […]

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TV: Dr Nazreen debates ‘Family values in Britain’


Video: Racism – its causes and cures


Hizb ut Tahrir Egypt Spokesman explains Khilafah on TV: January 2012

Sheikh Muhammad Abdul Qawwiy, Hizb ut Tahrir Egypt gives a glimpse into the now open presence of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Eygpt following Mubarak's removal. He studied Shariah at


Sheffield community event: Muslim youth call of duty

Talks to inspire the youth to Islam 2011 Year in review - Dilpazier Aslam [youtube][/youtube] From the gangs of Denmark to the Ummah of Islam - Abdul Karim [youtube][/youtube] Meeting Death - Forid


TV: US & UK Drone attacks- Taji Mustafa & Others

Can Muslim countries prevent use of these new


East London community event: How Islam changed personalities

Nearly 500 people attended a series of events over the winter holidays in a variety of venues across East London. Mixed audiences of youth, students, businessmen, professionals and


2011 in review

Arab uprisings, euro zone crisis ... and a look


Videos : The fall of the Firawns and the return of al-Khilafah

This year will forever be known as the year that the modern day Firawns were toppled from their thrones. The fall of the Firawns - Ustad Kamal Abu Zahra [youtube][/youtube] The


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