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TV: US & UK Drone attacks- Taji Mustafa & Others

Can Muslim countries prevent use of these new weapons?

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East London community event: How Islam changed personalities

Nearly 500 people attended a series of events over the winter holidays in a variety of venues across East London. Mixed audiences of youth, students, businessmen, professionals and


2011 in review

Arab uprisings, euro zone crisis ... and a look


Videos : The fall of the Firawns and the return of al-Khilafah

This year will forever be known as the year that the modern day Firawns were toppled from their thrones. The fall of the Firawns - Ustad Kamal Abu Zahra [youtube][/youtube] The


What will you be doing this Christmas & new year weekends?


SCAF’s Advisory Council attempts to establish secular order in Egypt


The Eurozone: Capitalism in Crisis

This video explains the origins, rise and possibly the imminent fall of the Eurozone. The Eurozone which, not long ago, was considered a powerful economic region now lies


Video: Muslim Voices at Occupy London

Taji Mustafa visits the UK's biggest tent protest - Occupy London at St Paul's - and explores how Islamic economic principles offer solutions to capitalism's global economic


Protecting Security & Dignity of Women in the Khilafah state

Interview with Dr Nazreen Nawaz, Hizb


Osman Bakhach on the struggle for the Saudi throne

Following the death of Crown Prince Sultan what next for the House of