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Interview: UK grooming cases

Shohana Khan tackles these questions and explains how we should view these cases in a wider context.

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Woolwich killing: Taji Mustafa and others debate Muslim response

Following the killing of a British soldier in Woolwich (London) and a renewed focus on the Muslim community, Taji Mustafa (Hizb ut-Tahrir), Dr Waafiq Moustafa and Reverend Alan


Massacre in Bangladesh: Remove fascist Sheikh Hasina

Pictures from Demonstration Held on the 8th of  May 2013 in Altab Ali Park, London [nggallery


EMERGENCY DEMONSTRATION: Massacre in Bangladesh; Remove fascist Sheikh Hasina


Manchester – Which System for Pakistan?


DEMONSTRATION: Remove Awami League Govt & Support call for Islam in Bangladesh


Support the Call for Islam in Syria | Taji Mustafa

Taji Mustafa addresses latest developments in Syria as the UK, US and other Western governments (and their clients) step up efforts to try to subvert the Syrian uprising


VIDEO: Bangladesh in crisis: Which way forward?

Bangladesh in crisis. Which way forward? - Nazmul Haque [youtube][/youtube] Bangladesh in crisis. Which way forward? [in Bangla] - Mohammad Abu Zayd [youtube][/youtube]

Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain today, 8th March


Public Talk: Bangladesh in Crisis – Which way forward


Women’s Conference: Khilafah – Protecting Women from Poverty & Enslavement.

[youtube width="600" height="380"][/youtube]

Hizb ut Tahrir Hosts an International Women’s Conference:

“The Khilafah: Protecting Women from Poverty and Enslavement”

On Saturday 22nd December 2012, the