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Condemnation of the Criminal Terrorist Operation that Happened Today in Sousse

We condemn in the strongest manner the criminal terrorist operation that happened in Sousse today… What is dangerous in respect to this operation is the extent of the breach, the number of victims and the symbolism of the operation. However […]

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Cameron’s full spectrum response includes silencing political voices

London UK, June 30th 2015 – Speaking following the murders of a number of UK nationals in Tunisia, Prime Minister David Cameron said Britain faces an 'existential threat'


Andijan Massacre: Uzbek Embassy Picket, 11am 9th May 2015

Karimov, the tyrant of Uzbekistan, continues to declare war against Allah (swt), His Messenger (saw) and the Da’wah Carriers to the Deen of Allah (swt), as he resorted


Daily Mail publishes baseless lies about Hizb ut-Tahrir

On Sunday 12 April 2015, the Daily Mail conflated The Times newspaper’s recent baseless allegations about Hizb ut-Tahrir with its own fabricated claim that Waheed Ahmed, who was


Murdoch’s The Times publishes desperate and baseless lies about Hizb ut-Tahrir

London UK, April 13th 2015 – On Saturday 11 April 2015, The Times, falsely claimed that Hizb ut-Tahrir was linked to Jabhat an-Nusra and had been involved in


Clarification over Rochdale Turkey arrests

On 4th April 2015, Abul Taher, a reporter with the Mail on Sunday newspaper contacted Dr Abdul Wahid (Chairman of Hizb ut-Tahrir’s UK Executive) saying he was running


‘Prevent’ is not just a toxic brand, it is a toxic agenda that needs challenging

London UK, March 10th 2015 – Former Metropolitan Police commander, Dal Babu, has argued that the government's counter-extremism policy, 'Prevent', has become a 'toxic brand' viewed with suspicion


Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain denounces the republication of cartoons insulting Prophet Muhammad

London UK, January 14th 2015 – We utterly condemn the decision to republish Charlie Hebdo’s highly insulting cartoons trying to attack Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Taji Mustafa, Media Representative

Moazzam Begg court case

Moazzam Begg’s detention exposes government’s political expediency

London, UK, October 1st 2014 – After six months of detention, Moazzam Begg was released today after the British government dropped all charges against him related to travelling to Syria. Regarding


Statement regarding UK military action in Iraq 2014

London, UK, September 26th 2014 – The UK parliament has today voted to join US led air strikes in Iraq. In light of this