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Hypocrisy of British policy – supporting protestors in Libya, training Saudi troops to crush protestors

London, UK, May 29th 2011 – It was revealed today that Britain is training Saudi Arabia’s national guard – the elite security force that was used to crush the anti-regime protests in Bahrain earlier this year resulting in the murder […]

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UK and US’s ‘essential’ relationship’s a ‘colonial’ relationship to maintain hegemony in Muslim world

London, UK, May 25th 2011 – David Cameron and Barack Obama’s talk of an “essential relationship” between the US and UK is in fact an ongoing colonial


Cameron welcomes “Bahrain” butchering regime to No.10

London, UK, May 19th 2011 – UK Prime Minister David Cameron today warmly received the Crown Prince of Bahrain Salman bin Hamad al-Khalifa at Number


Assad Ruthlessly Murders Mothers And Daughters Of Syria To Protect His Throne

On Saturday 7th May, security forces of the Assad regime opened fire on an all-female demonstration on the main highway from Merqeb, a village on the outskirts of


Day of demonstrations organised by Hizb ut-Tahrir across Europe in solidarity with uprisings in Muslim world

London UK, 5th May 2011 – Hundreds of Muslims from across the UK will rally and demonstrate in London this Saturday [3pm, May 7th] and march to the embassies


The British Government Plays Hero in Libya While Playing Host To Despotic Rulers At Home

London, UK, April 26th 2011 - On Sunday 24th April, Bahraini government forces raided a girls’ secondary school in the town of Hamad, arresting several female teachers


An Open Letter to the British Political Establishment Opposing Colonial Intervention in Libya

While the catastrophic invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan hang heavy in the Muslim world, many people will be aghast that Britain has just embarked on its latest military


Women’s Conference: Islam – The Global Liberation of Women

London, UK, March 16th 2011 – Around 1000 women from across the UK are to attend a conference in Central London on Sunday 20th March organised by the


Centenary of International Women’s Day is Stark Reminder of Failure of Secular Democracy to Secure Rights of Women

Tuesday 8th March marks the centenary of International Women’s Day, a day set by the West to celebrate the victories women globally have made in their struggle to


Libyans do not need another US/UK colonial war. We call upon Muslim forces to liberate Libya

London, United Kingdom, 9 March 2011 - Britain and France announced that they are discussing a draft resolution for military intervention in Libya and have talked of a