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After Sweden bombing, British media targets ‘radical views’ in an echo of McCarthyism

For understandable reasons, the airwaves have been full of news of the bomb that killed one, and injured two people in Sweden last weekend. It has being alleged that a Muslim from Sweden who lived and studied in the UK […]

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WikiLeaks and betrayal of the Muslim rulers: Taji Mustafa interview

What do these leaks show? How should the influential people in the Muslim world react? What message for the Muslim ummah?


To address violence against women, western governments must recognise fallout of their colonial foreign policy

If Western Governments Wish To Address Global Violence Against Women, They Must First Recognise The Fallout Of Their Colonial Foreign Policy And Capitalist Liberal Values

London, UK,


BBC Panorama: Another Cowardly attack on Islam!

The sensationalism in the media following the BBC Panorama programme ‘British Schools, Islamic Rules’ on 22nd November 2010 is part of the latest effort to force Muslims –


BBC attacks Muslim Schools, Taji Mustafa interviewed

Following the broadcast of Monday night’s sensationalist BBC Panorama programme (British Schools, Islamic Rules), Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain’s media representative, Taji Mustafa is interviewed by Christain


BBC Panorama: Another step towards forcing Muslim children to adopt secular liberal values

London, UK, November 22nd 2010 – The media sensationalism generated by tonight’s BBC Panorama [British Schools, Islamic Rules] is the latest attempt to force Muslims to adopt liberal

Rise in educated female Muslim converts shatter popular myths regarding Islam’s oppression of women

London, UK, November 16th 2010 – According to recent comments by Kevin Brice, an expert at Swansea University in white conversions to Islam in the UK, well-educated white


Europe’s secularism has failed, Mrs Merkel, not simply multiculturalism

At the weekend, German Chancellor Angela Merkel made a speech attacking multiculturalism saying it , “has failed, utterly" and she also criticised ‘immigrants’ for failing


The trial against Wilders is a complete joke

The trial against Wilders is a complete joke that is nothing less than an embarrassment for Wilders and the Dutch state. In the past the Dutch state itself chose


Musharraf challenged by Hizb ut-Tahrir members in Manchester

London, UK, October 11th 2010 – This weekend, sincere members of Hizb ut-Tahrir from Manchester accounted Musharraf. They were the voice of those who have been killed