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Protecting Security & Dignity of Women in the Khilafah state

Interview with Dr Nazreen Nawaz, Hizb ut-Tahrir

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The Fardiyyah (obligation) of working for Khilafah

The revival of an obligation The obligation we are about to discuss is something the Muslims took for granted, for well over a thousand years, much like the obligation


5 things the Khilafah gave the world

Here we highlight 5 of the many advancements the Islamic Khilafah introduced to the world


Accountability without Western Democracy

With western democratic models in ruins the Muslim world must look to achieve accountability without democracy The Caliphate is an accountable political system whose head is legitimised only through

Khilafah QA

Q&A on Khilafah

An in-depth Q&A on the Khiafah and it's plan for the Muslim


The Khilafah

The Khilafah is a state for all people, Muslim and Non-Muslim, to live under the system ordained for them by their Creator

Khilafah Tree lead

The Khilafah and the Tree of Islam

The Khilafah is the soil upon which the tree of Islam grows


A History of the Khilafah system

Due to the current situation of the Muslim word, it is natural that the Ummah is looking for a solution to its problems and dedicates its resources in


The Ulema and their struggle for the Khilafah

A video of the Ulema and their struggle for the return of the


Structure of the Khilafah State

A proposed structure of the future Khilafah
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Structure of the Khilafah State