Thursday 29 September 2016

‘Gay Marriage’: Muslim MPs will never secure the values of Islam and the Muslim community


On 5th February 2013, the House of Commons voted – by 400 votes to 175 – to legalise Gay Marriage in Britain. ‘Muslim MPs’ – such as Sadiq Khan, Rushanara Ali, Sajid Javid, Shabana Mahmood and Anas Sarwar – as well as other politicians who make a play for the support of the Muslim community – voted FOR ‘Gay Marriage’.

Some of these politicians visit the Muslim community and give Islamic greetings, or parade their Muslim names and heritage. Yet when they are in the company of their fellow politicians and the media they compete with each other to prove who is the most Westernised! Some people hold up these MPs as examples for young Muslims to follow. Yet nothing could be further from the truth.

The Problem lies in the System

Britain, like other countries in the West, is a country whose laws and morals are based upon secular liberal values. Their system is one where it is the will of men, not the will of God, which decides what is right and wrong. Their democratic system means the people – through their elected members of Parliament – chose what is good or bad, moral or immoral, based on a majority vote. There are no principles or criteria to decide what is right and wrong, it depends on the mood within society at any particular time. A few decades ago, homosexuality was illegal in Britain. Now, not only is this legal, but MPs have now voted for homosexuals to marry in a ceremony like any heterosexual couple!

This is because this is a political system where man makes the law. It is a system that Allah and His Messenger warned us about when He (swt) said:

They took their rabbis and priests to be their lords besides Allah” (Surah 9:31)

Once, whilst Allah’s Messenger (saw) was reciting this ayah, ‘Adi bin Hatim remarked “O Allah’s Messenger! They do not worship their rabbis and the priests.” The Messenger of Allah (saw) replied – “They certainly do. They [the rabbis and priests] make the halal things as haram, and haram things as halal – and they followed them, and so by doing so they really worshipped them.” [Ahmad and Al-Tirmidhi].

In any democratic country it is the parliament that has taken this role to make halal things as haram, and haram things as halal – hence it is these MPs who are the legislators as opposed to Allah (swt).

Misguided: Using a tainted system to uphold Islam

Some in the Muslim community, quite remarkably, promote the idea that Muslims need to use this system – which has made all manner of haram things halal – to try to defend or uphold Islamic values or the interests of the Muslim community.

It is truly amazing that they are convinced of this when one sees the example of these so-called ‘Muslim politicians’. Some of them claimed while campaigning for Muslim votes that they had entered the system to promote Islam and the interests of Muslims. If that was truly the case, it is now glaringly obvious how their values have changed while in the system, to the extent they now endorse homosexual relationships, which Allah made from amongst the gravest of sins, and for which He (swt) destroyed the Qawm of Lut (as). We, in Hizb ut-Tahrir, have always maintained that a Muslim MP has to give up his Islam if he/she is to stay in this system and hence it can never be a path for the Muslim community to engage in.

The Serious Challenge for Muslims in the UK

Dear Brothers and Sisters. We must realise that this political system based on secularism and democracy can never defend Islam or bring any goodness for Islam or the Muslim community. This latest example has clearly exposed this.

The challenge for us is how to secure our Islamic values in our families, our children and our community whilst living in this society. This clearly cannot happen by voting in Muslim MPs who by entering the system are bound by the values of this system and loyalties to their secular kufr parties.

Instead the Muslim community needs to undertake several clear steps:

1.         To know clearly that in Islam, it is Allah (swt) who is Sovereign and decides what is halal and haram.

This is our Aqeeda. No matter what laws are passed, this cannot change for a Muslim and the Muslim community must adhere to the halal and haram as the criteria for right and wrong. Our Deen is not like Christianity, which has changed beyond recognition with the times. What Allah has decreed are halal and haram will remain so till the Day of Judgement.

Today I have completed your Deen for you, encompassed My blessings upon you and have accepted Islam to you as a Deen” (Al-Maidah 5:3)

2.        To secure these Islamic values in our mosques, madrasahs and Muslim schools.

We would be naive to believe the promises of politicians to protect mosques and churches from having to conduct ‘gay weddings’. Catholic adoption agencies have had to close because they refused to endorse adoption to homosexual parents based on equalities laws. The most recent laws being passed in parliament will no doubt come to affect our institutions.

The Muslim community needs to be educated about such laws and the effect of the kufr society around us so that all parents, community leaders, imams and mosque committees can ensure that no such un-Islamic practices are allowed to be normalised in our institutions and communities. Burying one’s head in the sand will do more than allow the normalisation of such un-Islamic practices, that Allah (swt) forbids.

3.         Not only do we ensure our communities are protected from such un-Islamic thoughts, values and practices but we must also carry the Dawah of Islam to the wider non-Muslim society around us. Muslims should have the confidence to explain Islam to non-Muslims and invite them to Islam. There are two reasons for this.

Firstly, this society is crying for a solution to its ever-growing problems. Family breakdown, divorce, domestic and sexual abuse, depression, ‘pornification’ of society are all the fruits of a way of life that is based upon ‘freedom’ to do whatever you want and the desire for unlimited fun and material pleasure. The material progress the West has made should not make one blind to the social disorder that is endemic in society. Islam has answers to this social meltdown in society and we as a community are obliged to carry this Dawah of Islam, following the example of the Messenger of Allah (saw).

Secondly, doing nothing means allowing our community to be changed by the values of the society around us. There is no security in isolating ourselves. The only protection is in interacting with this society on the basis of Islam. If we fail to do this, our community will increasingly be affected by the values of Western society. What starts with gay marriage, zina, alcohol and drugs will end with abandoning our parents and leaving the Deen of Islam as the vast majority of Christians have done with Christianity.

The Messenger of Allah (saw) said: The knots of Islam will be undone one by one, each time a knot is undone the next one will be grasped, the first to be undone will be the Ruling and the last will be Prayer (Hakim and Ahmed).

The knot of ruling by Islam has been undone for decades now – now the struggle to undo the knot of the basics of the Deen is taking place. Muslims across the world are trying to re-establish the knot of ruling by Islam – the Islamic Khilafah. It is time for us living in the West to realize that there is a struggle taking place here to change Islam and take an active part to prevent this. This can only be done, brothers and sisters, by building a strong conviction that Islam is a complete Deen that can address all our affairs in the 21st century and, moreover, it is Islam that has the solutions to the problems facing the whole of humanity today.

Thus we call on our community to abandon the wasted efforts of sending Muslims to parliament and engage in the much-needed effort to build the fortress of Islamic thoughts and values in our communities.

“…True Guidance has become distinct from error, so whoever rejects Taghut and believes in Allah has grasped the firmest handhold – one that will never break. And Allah is All-Hearing, All-Knowing” (Al Baqarah 2:256 )

Hizb ut-Tahrir

2nd Rabi’ al Thani 1434
13th February 2013

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