Manufacturing a ‘terror’ case against Yemen

The latest ‘bomb plot’ will inevitably be used to justify greater Western intervention around the world – most notably in Yemen, but also on-going intervention in Afghanistan and Pakistan. It will also be used to justify powers held by governments and budgets by security agencies in the West.

We may never truly know the origin of this plot: whether it is some act of disgruntled resistance against murderous policies by the US and its allies who use the rest of the world as their chessboard; or whether it is a fabricated episode to justify more hostile policies.

The global western media has given immense coverage to the discovery of these two bombs on airlines in the UK and Dubai reporting that they allegedly originated in Yemen.

The enormous speculation about the origins of these explosives contrasts with the lack of critical questioning of the security services and governments who brief the media. Instead, it is all reported as fact.

Yet it is well known that these same government’s and their security services – CIA, MI5 and others – manufactured a false case against Iraq; and people in Iraq and Pakistan believe that these western governments have been complicit in terror attacks on civilians with the intention of sowing discord, raising threat levels and furthering their own agendas.

What is clear are two matters:

1. The public in the West are becoming increasingly wary of the perennial terror threat. This was most evident when the British Airways chairman Martin Broughton criticised the United States for ratcheting up security regulations with “redundant” checks.

2. Yemen is a crucial and strategic region historically strongly under British influence, with the United States trying to gain more influence in recent years. It borders Saudia Arabia, a notoriously vulnerable region with the world’s largest oil supply. It also borders the Gulf of Aden through which 20,000 ships, 7% of the world’s oil and millions of tons of grains, commodities and other goods pass annually.

People should critically examine what is happening, rather than blindly accepting what they are told by media, governments and security agencies. The perpetual feeling of threat is the oldest way for autocratic governments to maintain their powers. Democratic ones are just better at the deception.


  1. abuhasib says:

    Assalaamu alaikum wa Rahmatullah,
    SubhaanAllah, the hype that has been created around this is incredible. The free press of the west feel that they can publish whatever they like in terms of accusations and false information without any fear of accountability. Broadsheets openly wrote about how certain individuals were involved in this so called ‘bomb threat’, that they were the mastermind and the head of AQ in the region. They publish complete nonsense which has no evidence to support it as if it is a concrete fact without fear of any consequences or accountability.
    When the story first broke I listened to the BBC discussing the threat level over and over again facing the UK, US and other western populations. This was after the US was able to identify and pinpoint exactly where to find so called improvised explosives which even the security in the UK airport dismissed only to be convinced later that they were indeed explosives. I ask those who talk about those who talk about the threat levels what is the threat level for Muslims living in Palestine, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kashmir Chechnya, Xiangang etc… Women, achildren and elderly included.
    The west is indeed suffering but not from the vicious brutal violence and terrorism the populations of the above lands are facing but they are suffering from a corrupt establishment of politicians and media that lies to them and covers those lies up daily. Due to these lies a man that has nothing to do with anything related to this except as the US state department say ‘He spreads anti-US propaganda in the english language’ could easily become a new assasination victim in this ‘democratic’ war on terror as well as further justifications to continue this evil campaign. This would happen without a blink of an eye from populations who are happy to not question things as long as they can continue to live the lives they do. May Allah Ta’aalaa protect the muslims from their evil. They plot and plan, and Allah plots and he is the best of plotters.

  2. Hold on a little longer more for Allah is the best of the planner and Ummah is best assurance of “Kufr shall not overcome – Islam will dominate all other ideologies”.
    Let us see if Obama succeeds to pocket India in the search of an ally to stop China’s unrivalled growth led economy. Khilafah is the only answer to bring back the glorious past and glory it held.


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