The rioters and bankers have a lot in common


Though apparently worlds apart the driving motivations of the rioters and bankers are more similar than we care to acknowledge.

To dispel the myth that the causes of the riots are racial or part of some class struggle there are similarities between the rioters and the bankers reeking havoc on their respective markets – which therefore points to a more fundamental, underlying cause.


Whether it’s the latest iphone or the next Porche – pure material greed motivated both the rioters and the bankers


The devastation of the rioters just like the bankers spread from one market, one town centre to the next causing millions and billions of economic damage in its wake

Mob rule

Mob rule took over as the markets were attacked in waves by rioting gangs and bankers on mass as soon they felt the vulnerability and weakness in their victims

The thrill of the kill

Common accounts of rioters and bankers getting pleasure from the exhilaration of pushing the limits and going to the extreme

Utter disregard for society

The rioters and bankers both showed utter contempt of society and the impact and consequences of their actions on individuals, families or communities

Failure of policing

The Metropolitan Police failed to control the rioters just as the Bank of England, Financial Services Authority and the UK Treasury were unable to regulate the bankers

The above similarities cut across racial and class boundaries between the rioters and the bankers and illustrates something more deeper underlying the cause of the riots of today and the havoc reeked during the financial crisis of 2008/09.

This deeper underlying cause is the fundamental values system of capitalism founded on individualism and materialism which then “governs” the behaviour of all those who adopt it resulting in the mayhem we’ve seen which seem worlds apart but are more similar than we care to accept.


  1. Muneeb Watts says:

    As-salam wa lakum
    You are absolutely correct. The linkage between riot and buy-it is clear.
    Successive British Governments encouraged homosexuality, destroyed the concept of marriage with many children’s only families being criminal gangs, steal from public funds, make promises they have no intention of keeping just to get votes (even though it is clear that no opposition wins an election, the sitting party either wins or loses) and so rain chaos on their own people! This is fitna. These riots with their rage, theft and violence and the economic terror are just the first flowering of an unholy system politicians of all parties impaled the British people upon. The Khilafah would liberate Britain from these obscenities. The calling to Islam must be central to the lives of all Muslims. This is a test for the Ummah.
    Jazak allah keiran

  2. I have read much more, some say it is corrupt governments pushing capitalism unable to regulate the sleazing banks, greedy MP laughing at unchecked claims being paid without accountability and so are societal affairs go without assigning legal responsibility and criminal justice seen adopting soft approach rather than harsh public sentences.
    Some say it is the broken family structure where parents and education curriculum fail to nurture the life responsible to bring about the common human love for a cohesive society. The London riots highlight the failure of Capitalism to instil social dignity.
    Surely, current affairs demand a change of not just new faces government but change of the ruling system.


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