UK Imams may be forced to preach in English

The latest counter-extremism proposals by the British Government are reportedly going to include forcing Imams to preach in English.

Whilst some may naively accept the argument that living in an English speaking society should mean that all citizens should try their best to speak in English, the reality is that such proposals are exclusively designed to target the Muslim community who continues to be viewed through the lens of the “war on terror.”

Akin to autocratic regimes such as Russia, China and tyrannical States in the Muslim World, the UK is now also heading towards state controlled policing of the Muslim community. The first clause of the Magna Carta says ‘The English Church shall be free, and shall have its rights undiminished, and its liberties unimpaired’, so does not apply to the Muslim community, once again proving there is a parallel system of rights and justice.

It is of course a lie that secular states are neutral to religions. Rather it imposes laws on religions to achieve the aims of its own way of life.

Such policies are no surprise for those who understand that Islam poses an ideological challenge to the secular way of life and hence lies about pluralism and freedom to worship don’t apply to Muslims.

Such measures are a continuation of a reformation agenda to reform Islam into a ‘British Islam’ that interprets this way of life in a secular manner and not as a holistic way of life. We can imagine what type of Islam they wish to see being taught; one which abolishes Allah from life’s affairs; which sees all religions as being essentially the same, none being ‘true’; one that reduces the status of Messengers such that they can be mocked; one where any sexual relationships are a valid lifestyle choices etc. This is in addition to being taught that there is no political system in Islam nor that the Muslims here are apart of the global Ummah, or that the ultimately loyalty is not to Allah but to the secular state.

Ironically it is not Islam they are damaging through such proposals but the values they claim to uphold.

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