Video: Muslim Voices at Occupy London

Taji Mustafa visits the UK’s biggest tent protest – Occupy London at St Paul’s – and explores how Islamic economic principles offer solutions to capitalism’s global economic problems.

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  1. H Khan says:

    Egypt’s TAHRIR SQUARE comes to London, not to depose the dictator, but those who prop them up.

    Britons are taxed same percentage on transactions, irrespective of their household income, whilst the Capitalist get away WITHOUT paying any tax whatsoever on their financial transactions – which nets them hundreds of millions. Yet the PM Cameron has the audacity to lecture the masses with his ‘fairer taxation policies.’

    Is it any wonder that the British haulage industry (for example) have become so dismissive of ANYTHING these politicians spout? The Capitalist rely on BHI to keep the economy moving, but they are taxed punitively on diesel fuel.

    So, who is the ordinary Voter to turn to?

    For as long as these Capitalists are bankrolling their election campaigns, then all the politicians need to do is ‘talk the talk’ using sound bites so as to placate the mere mortals; after all, words are cheap for those despised by the Capitalists for being a nuisance on their doorstep.


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