WikiLeaks and betrayal of the Muslim rulers: Taji Mustafa interview


What do these leaks show? How should the influential people in the Muslim world react? What message for the Muslim ummah?

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  1. Mahmoud says:

    I am really surprised that NO one stopped to think that these leakes were deliberate. The reason simply being that they caused no harm to Israel and/or the USA. These leaks actually caused a great deal of damage to the relations among Arab and Muslim world at large, they caused hatred and “fitna” between the Arab countries and Iran i.e. between Muslim nations and this is exactly what Israel wants, she wants another war to start between Iran and its Muslim neighbours.
    Thank yoiu

  2. Nisar Deen says:

    Brother Taji ,you are truely a soldier of Allah,(SWT)

  3. syed iqbal mohsin says:

    I do agree with Brother Taji & I am appriciate him that he is talking a real muslim who fell pain for his muslim brothers.shame for all muslim ruler those shake hand with enemy of muslims & islam also faciltate them to crush muslim ummah.ALLAH (SWT)give us breave leadership(AAMEEN)

  4. It is time for patience for our creator tests whomsoever be he/she tyrant ruler or slave to enemies of Allah.
    Corrupt rulers are the biggest problem – The Messenger of Allah said, “The only fear I have for my Ummah are astray leaders (who will lead them astray)” Hadith 40 [Ahmed/Tirmidhi]

  5. Abu Laith says:

    If they were deliberate with the sole intent of driving a wedge between arab countries and Iran then why not leak that specific information. Many times information specific to a particular country has been leaked. Eg leak that former Taliban and Pakistan officials met for Iftar in Saudi during 2008 ramadhan. Or that USA believed Pakistani intelligence was aiding the Taliban. Or that USA officials feared islamists within the military to takeover control of nuclear weapons.

    Leaking upwards of a million documents with a varied number of statements that would prove embarrasing to many countries doesn’t seem very efficient if your target is very specific. Not only that but this has again painted America in a negatie light, has caused much embarrassment for them, it’s increased anti American feelings internationally and shown splits amongst USA and other western powers ( which they like to give the facade of being unified).

    Finally anyone who has been following political events for years would actually realise these revelations are not surprising at all partiularly the split between saudi and Iran. Here’s an article from 6 months ago about Saudi giving clear skies to israel in order to attack Iran.

  6. Abdul Jabbar says:

    Wikileaks Releases the Floods Of Treachery
    When natural disasters come and go
    One thing thats not to change for sure
    The treachery of the rulers seems to last
    Overtaking the sellouts in the past!
    Who will stop the floods of treachery?
    Zardari is at it today but he’s not the first 
    Musharraf also slew the Muslims to quench his thirst
    Flooding their accounts by looting the poor
    Whilst over the Ummah rivers of blood flow
    Who will stop the floods of treachery?
    Western winds blow casting clouds of corruption 
    Bringing much disease, death & destruction 
    Colonial storms leaving foreign shadows behind
    Under the cover of darkness yet unable to hide
    Who will stop the floods of treachery?
    The tyrants are drowning in their own reigns
    A thunderous momentum as the Ummah gains
    Seeing through the blinding light from the West
    Plucking the eagle’s feathers from within her nest

    Who will stop the floods of treachery?

    Over Capitalism Khilafah will bring Victory
    Only then will end the Ummah’s misery
    Rid yourselves of dictatorship & democracy
    Break free the shackles of slavery

    You will stop the floods of Treachery!


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