Call for Khilafah if you care about massacre of women and children in Afghanistan

If you care about the massacre of innocent women and children in Afghanistan –

Raise the Call for Khilafah wherever you are!

The news of the massacre of 16 innocent people including nine children by a US soldier in Zangabad village in Kandahar province, Afghanistan, has brought home the brutality and terror of the US occupation. It seems that we are exposed to new revelations of the horrendous crimes committed by US and NATO forces in Afghanistan and Pakistan almost every week: the shocking images of US forces urinating on dead bodies and the burning of the Qur’an by US troops to mention just two incidents. This is not to mention the continued killing of innocent people by US drone attacks and the hundreds if not thousands of CIA operatives in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

It is hard to imagine the situation of the Ummah today being any worse. Over the last week we have seen the merciless massacre of women and children in Homs and other cities in Syria by the criminal Assad, leading the death toll to over 9,000 people. At the same time the Zionist occupiers of Palestine have been bombarding Gaza once again!

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) said that the blood of a Muslim is dearer to Allah (swt) than the Kaaba and its surroundings. Yet today, Muslim blood has become cheaper than water.

Yet, tears and outrage are not enough, unless we think as to why this Ummah is in this situation – attacked, killed and enjoying no peace anywhere in the world.

Allah (swt) tells us “You are the best Ummah raised up for mankind, you enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong” (TMQ Surah Imran 3:110). He (swt) raised the status of the Muslim Ummah by sending the final Messenger (saw) who established the Deen of Allah which raised this Ummah as a leading nation. But this is not the situation today.

It is not that the Ummah lacks pious and sincere people who worship Allah; nor is it the Ummah is small in number or lacking in resources. Nor is it that the Ummah lacks brave people who are willing to sacrifice their lives for their brothers and sisters. It is none of these!

The situation of this Ummah is like this due to one issue and non-other – that is the rulers who are rule over us in Muslim lands – and our acceptance of this. These rulers are criminals, courted by the West, who have brought this Ummah to the abyss of death, destruction and despair. They have oppressed this Ummah for decades – opening the doors to kafir colonialists to come into our countries – even facilitating the US and her allies to kill our people at will by giving our airports, sea ports and waterways to launch their attacks and consolidate their grip on this Ummah!

The issue today is for us to realise that the single most important issue facing this Ummah is the removal of these brutal dictators and to replace them with the system of ruling that Allah and His Messenger (saw) obliged upon us. This is the Islamic Khilafah System that the Prophet Muhammad (saw) left us after he (saw) passed from this world.

Muslim narrated on the authority of Abu Hazim that he said: I accompanied Abu Hurayra for five years, and heard him informing about the Prophet, he (saw) said:

The Prophets ruled over Bani Israel, whenever a prophet died another succeeded him, but there will be no prophet after me. Then there will be Khulafaah and they will number many.” They asked what then do you order us? He said “Fulfill the Bayah to them, one after the other and give them their dues for verily Allah will account them with what He entrusted them with

It was 88 years ago this month, on the 3rd of March 1924, that the leadership of the Ummah that Rasool Allah (saw) had established, the Khilafah, was destroyed at the hands of the British. They had divided the Khilafah State after World War I, installing rulers that would facilitate their pillaging of our lands. All the lands of modern day Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Turkey, and Pakistan were established after the Khilafah was destroyed. The West rewarded those who collaborated with them with positions of ruling, so as to be the guardians of their interests in our lands. Karzai, Zardari, the Bhutto family, the Mujib family, the al-Sauds and the Assads are all part of the long list of traitor rulers who have been enslaving the Ummah for decades.

The issue for Muslims today, wherever they are, who wish to see the end to the current situation afflicting the Muslims, is to raise this call for the reestablishment of the Khilafah State. Every masjid, every house and every family needs to raise the call for Khilafah as the only system of government in the Muslim lands. Unless this call for Khilafah is loud and strong no change will come in our lands – even if the tyrants are overthrown, as we have seen in Egypt and Libya. It is only when this Ummah is unified on the path of Islam that real change will come. It is one thing to hate these rulers and to expel them but it is another thing to know how Islam as a Deen can liberate our countries from the current oppression and ensure a future of justice and progress.

American and Western countries no longer have any credibility in the Muslim world. Their way of life, consumed with satisfying man’s animal desire, materialism and sexual freedom has led to the breakdown of family life and economic collapse. Moreover, their hypocrisy and double standards on ‘human rights’ and ‘freedom’ has been exposed for the world to see – meaning they have no moral authority left. Their tools of the Security Council, the Arab League and any other pathetic gathering of these spineless traitor rulers, no longer have any legitimacy in the Ummah. It has become clear to all that the colonial Western powers are the ones who back the rulers in our countries as long as they suit their interests – and only get rid of them when they no longer serve that purpose, only to replace them with another group whom they manipulate and control. This is the spiral of politics our countries have been in for the last 80 years!

The time has come for a real change, based on the Deen of Islam.

Hizb ut-Tahrir has been practically working to re-establish the Khilafah State in the Muslim lands for decades. The call for Khilafah gathers more and more momentum everyday across the Muslim world. Moreover, the Muslims of Afghanistan and Pakistan are at the forefront of this struggle. Only the Islamic Aqeedah can transcend colour, race and tribal loyalty to unify the people of the region under the banner of Khilafah. The Khilafah will do whatever is necessary to liberate our lands from the ‘terror’ of US & NATO occupation.

Muslim narrated from Al-Araj from Abu Hurayrah from the Prophet (saw) that he (saw) said:

Indeed the Imam (Khalifah) is a shield from behind whom (one) would fight and one would protect oneself

Brothers and sisters, tears and anger for our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan and Syria is not enough! We must work to change the situation and not be bystanders to the atrocities in the Muslim lands. We must raise this call for the reestablishment of the Khilafah State – in our families and communities – so that we are part of this struggle to liberate our Ummah.

And Allah Almighty, our Creator, tells the believers:

“If you help (in the cause of) Allah, He will help you, and make your foothold firm” (TMQ Surah Muhammad 47:7)

Hizb ut-Tahrir

13 Rabi’ II 1433
13 March 2012

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