Launch of the ‘Gold Standard’ report


London, UK, March 22nd 2012 – Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain today launched its report;  Gold Standard – The Future For a Stable Global Currency – a significantly relevant report in the current economic crisis.

In his presentation, Jamal Harwood the report’s lead author said that while the world financial markets remain in crisis and growth continues to decline and the US deficit and budget shortfall remain at record levels, western governments are resorting to the printing of fiat (paper) money as the only solution to keep the system afloat. He explained how this abuse of their currencies is theft against the people via inflation of the currency. He then outlined compelling arguments for the adoption of the gold standard and refuted some of the 10 common arguments against the gold/silver standard – which the report covers in detail.

The panel discussed how this report and other initiatives are part of Hizb ut-Tahrir’s ongoing presentation of how the Islamic economic system provides practical solutions which economists and thinkers (from both the Muslim and secular worlds) can understand. Economic solutions which the future Khilafah state (caliphate) will implement and which will serve as an example to all those seeking a stable global currency. A vibrant question and answer session then followed. – The Gold Report website where Jamal Harwood and other Islamic economic experts will answer questions and provide Islamic economic solutions to contemporary issues.

Download the report here

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  1. Wakil Abu Mujahid says:

    I really welcome this much needed contribution from Muslims to this manmade financial catastrophe. In the past, Islam had maintained stability in global economy, e.g., during the Abbasid caliphate. The Islamic economic system based on the gold standard can again bring order to the current economic abyss which has threatened the entire world. What was triggered by greedy western financiers has ultimately destroyed the livelihood of billions of people globally. Capitalism can no longer save the world; this is no Hollywood movie where the US saves the day. This is where the US in fact begun the destruction. On our part as Muslims, we can certainly contribute towards the solution.


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