The Meaning of the Shahadah


The Meaning of the Shahadah by Ustaadh Kamaal Abu Zahra

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  1. Ustaad Kamaal cited examples of the scholars who do zikr in guise to Allah while intent on serving the tyrant rulers who choose to be slave to their master as subservient for the petty gains.
    Despite the Muslims in great numbers and ability to defend, our leaders blind and dumb to the plight of millions of school going children biting dust a TV ‘report on floods’ have it.
    It is time to help educate and guide them to Islam and provide them shelter so they may know the meaning of Shahadah before they get lost to the prevalent corrupt practices rife in the Pakistani society. We know we can help by re-establishing the Khilafah.
    In the hereafter these kids will account us – “what stopped you”. “Did Allah not bestowed you with the wealth and guided you to help the needy?


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