Palestine: Why only a One State Solution will work

London, UK, June 7 2007 – At mosques across the UK tomorrow [June 8th] and at events over the weekend, Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain, the Islamic political party, will distribute over fifty thousand copies of a new leaflet entitled "Palestine – Why only a One State Solution will work".


On the 40th anniversary of the Six-Day war of 1967 and after decades of wars, bloodshed and failed ‘peace' agreements, some in the West believe that a two state solution, to pre-1967 borders is the answer. Though this sounds reasonable, it will only further exacerbate the conflict. Only through a return to the unitary Islamic state – that existed for centuries – can both justice and security be regained for all in the region.



Elaborating on this, the leaflet explains that for Palestinians, "Israel is nothing more than an external imposition, characterised by brutal governance, stolen homes and ethnic cleansing. A two state solution would further separate Jews, Muslims and Christians, entrench division between communities and families and allow Israel to keep occupied land from 1948 thus rewarding aggression and the ethnic cleansing that followed."


In the leaflet Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain reminds everyone that "Jews, Muslims and Christians lived largely in security under an Islamic government for much of the last fourteen centuries in Palestine, in Islamic Spain and under the Ottoman Caliphate. Unlike Israel's neo-apartheid system, an Islamic state is a government built upon a concept of citizenship regardless of ethnicity, gender or creed. Hundreds of millions today, including many Jews, oppose the status quo and the flawed two state model. With demographic trends going against Israel and the region increasingly embracing its Islamic identity, the one state solution of the Islamic Caliphate is now the only viable option for delivering security for all the Jews, Christians and Muslims of the region."




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