Target practice on Mosques confirms this is a war on Islam

uk_soldier_afghanistan.jpgLondon UK, 8th April 2010 – The use of replica mosques for target practice by the British Army in North Yorkshire has rightly been condemned by Muslims. However, it should surprise no one that the British Army uses Mosques on a firing range as part of its training. It reflects Britain’s strategic aims and its use of military force to purse a colonial policy in the Muslim world.

Regarding this revelation, Taji Mustafa, media representative of Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain said, "Frankly, for the British Army to use replica mosques in their target practice is disgusting – but not as disgusting as the real destruction of human life, mosques and other buildings which has been ongoing in Afghanistan and Iraq since 2001. Muslims have been right to express outrage – but should not be surprised by this.”

"This evidence does not merely reflect the past 10 years of bloody invasion, occupation and abuses, it also reflects Britain’s future intentions. She clearly foresees a colonial role for herself in the Muslim world, which will be unwelcome and hence require more brute force. This will be the case regardless of which party wins the forthcoming elections, because both main parties are committed to the ongoing occupation of Afghanistan and both supported the war in Iraq.”

"Politicians spend endless amounts of time talking about a ‘Prevent’ strategy to suppress Muslim anger, whilst actively fuelling a ‘Create’ strategy that makes war on the Muslim world. What is clear is that the Ministry of Defence feels the need to further dehumanise Muslim worshipers and desensitise their armed forces from any reluctance to target places of worship and feels the need to completely associate Islam as a religion with their military targets.”

"Muslims should be clear that these types of operations will continue until there is a sincere Islamic government in the Muslim world, in the form of the Islamic Khilafah (caliphate), that will mobilise the Muslim armies to resist and expel any occupying force, and defend the Ummah, her mosques and her homes."


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