The constitutional package once again demonstrates that Pakistan’s constitution is purely secular


PK_parliament.jpgThe constitutional package has once again demonstrated that Pakistan’s constitution is purely secular

The constitutional package, which was an outcome of hectic deliberation for months and was signed by both secular and religious parties, will ensure the uninterrupted implementation of kufr. Not even a single article of this package was extracted from Qur’an and Sunnah. Rather through this package all the kufr and non-Islamic articles of the constitution have been retained which have no link with Islam whatsoever. For example, America will continue to use our land and air-space for her War of Terror. Obscenity will continue in Pakistan under the guise of freedom of expression. There will be no restriction on interest based transactions. Government officials including the President will continue to have immunity to commit crimes. Pakistan’s foreign policy will continue to be under the kufr UN resolutions, which is nothing but a tool in the hands of the imperialist forces. Multinational companies will continue to monopolize our resources under the name of privatization due to which prices of Oil and Gas will continue to soar. Hence these and hundreds of similar kufr laws which derive their legitimacy from the secular constitution will continue to implement and subjugate people of Pakistan. The unfortunate part is the role of the religious parties, who endorsed this constitutional package without raising a single objection. They didn’t even weakly protest the lack of implementation of Islam or the implementation of kufr. No doubt one cannot serve the cause of Islam by joining the kufr system rather the kufr system is able to goad even the sincere among them to provide political support for the implementation of Kufr. Furthermore, the vast powers granted for provincial autonomy in this package are not only contradictory to Islam but they can also be used by the imperialist forces to dismantle Pakistan, if they ever decided to do so in the future. We would like to warn the Ummahthat this package will only serve the colonialists and few of the politicians and will bring no benefit to the country or its people. An Islamic constitution is the one which is solely extracted from Qur’an, Sunnah, Consensus of the Sahabah and Qiyas. And this constitution forbids taking laws from any other source. Hizb ut-Tahrir has not only presented before the Ummah the complete constitution of the Islamic State (Khilafah) but has also written detail books on ruling system in Islam, which are also available over the internet. We invite the Ummah and the people of knowledge that they study these books in order to arrive at a clear view about the ruling system in Islam. Pakistan’s sixty years of constitutional saga has clearly demonstrated that Islam can only be implemented through the system of Khilafah.

Naveed Butt
The Official Spokesman of Hizb ut-Tahrir Pakistan

17th Rabi al-Thani 1431 AH 
1st Apr 2010 CE

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