Q&A on Khilafah

Khilafah QA

An in-depth Q&A on the Khiafah and it’s plan for the Muslim World

Q&A on Khilafah

  1. How will the Islamic state deal with different Madhabs (Schools of Thought in Islam)
  2. Is the Khilafah state solely for Muslims?
  3. Are you working to establish the Khilafah in Western states like Britain?
  4. Will women be given education?
  5. What will the Khilafah teach other than Islamic education in it's schools?
  6. What will be the Khilafah's view towards technology and the internet?
  7. Can the Khilafah solve the problems of poverty in our countries?
  8. Will the Khilafah close itself to the foreign world like North Korea and other rogue states?
  9. How will a Khilafah state emerge?
  10. What will be the basis of foreign relations?
  11. How will your Islamic state deal with political actions such as embargoes, isolation and other political actions from hostile states?
  12. How will your Islamic state deal with Israel?
  13. What will be the basis of relationships with other Muslim countries?
  14. Will your state be run by clerics?
  15. Would the Caliph be elected and held accountable for all his actions?
  16. Explain in brief the key principles of the Islamic political system
  17. What do you mean by ‘authority belongs to the people’?
  18. People say this would be an election that is ‘one-man one-vote one-time’
  19. But with no fixed-term limits, doesn’t this just become an elected dictatorship?
  20. Apart from the head of State are there any other elected institutions in the Caliphate?
  21. What are the powers of these assemblies?
  22. If legislation is divine in origin, does that not make the Islamic State a theocracy like Iran or Saudi Arabia?
  23. Political parties who adhere to the constitution should operate freely within the system. But if you believe the Caliphate is not theocratic, then surely your state is religious and therefore not pluralistic?
  24. But aren’t people in the West are free to criticise their leaders and their political systems?
  25. How can this be reconciled with a ‘free media’?
  26. If legislation is sourced from divine law, how can you progress and solve new challenges and problems?
  27. Are you therefore saying that people have no role in policies because everything is divinely ordained?
  28. Political leaders should represent the interests of all the people, not just a narrow elite. You are obviously critical of the closeness of big business in democratic societies, but how would you stop that happening in the Caliphate?
  29. There should be a judiciary independent of the executive and who can hold the executive to account. Are you saying the judiciary is therefore independent from the State in the Caliphate?
  30. Are you therefore saying that no individual or group is above the law?
  31. Are you saying that the Caliphate will not discriminate against any of its citizens on the basis of creed, race, gender or disability? Surely by being based on Islam, Muslims will always be favoured and surely secularism is the best way to go?
  32. Arbitrary arrest, spying on citizens, internment, torture and extraordinary rendition should be absolutely prohibited. However if you do not believe in democratic rights, wouldn’t people say that made the system a Police State?
  33. Didn’t religious rule in Europe in the medieval period hold Western society back in terms of material progress?
  34. Even if you reject the Western model based on its corruption and inability to tackle longterm challenges isn’t China an alternative?
  35. How would you choose a ruler in the Khilafah?
  36. How is a ruler accounted or changed in the Islamic Khilafah system?


  1. Asalam u Alykum WRWB
    This type of Question & Answering will definite put a good impact on the minds of Youth of Ummah. Various things will be clear to People who have wrong notions about Khilafah and Hizb Ut-Tahrir , its working and Objectives. May Allah Bestow us Rehmah and help us in re-establishment of Khilafah of which Great Prophet(saw) has promised.
    Anyway Jazakumullah Khayr,


  2. Ibn Kifah says:

    Sallam Walaykum, Mashallah excellent article which need to be sent to the Ummah specially now, is there any way brother you could send me all these articles in one email maybe compress them in to one folder.
    Jazakhallah khair


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